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Grab your popcorn and celebrate the spooky season early by watching the media company BreakOut Music release 'The Microchip That Ruined Halloween'!

BreakOut Music Reveals the Comedic Thriller, ‘The Microchip That Ruined Halloween’

BreakOut Music, a California-based award-winning music, movie, and media company, is set to release The Microchip That Ruined Halloween, a film filled with satire, astonishment, and unexpected thrills. 

BreakOut Music plans to premiere The Microchip That Ruined Halloween, a frightening and awe-inspiring horror film, this fall. It offers a unique and innovative take on screenwriting while also opening the way for a new creative and comedic approach to horror films.

The film begins with an idiosyncratic prison psychiatrist, Dr. Judy Kreplach (Jackie Hoffman), ordering a microchip to be surreptitiously implanted into a dangerous prisoner.

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Everything goes according to plan until the reformed prisoner joins a college fraternity, at which point the microchip loses control, culminating in a terrifying Halloween night full of humorous, exhilarating, captivating, and dynamic occurrences that are sure to astound the audience. 

Fans will undoubtedly be enthralled by this star-studded film. The film’s cast comprises the top-notch actors, including Emmy Award-winning actress Jackie Hoffman (Mamacita), Jimmy Palumbo (The Family), Terrell Carter (Empire: Season 4), Miguel Nunez Jr. (The Family Business), Kathleen Hogan (The Conspirator), and more. 

BreakOut Music was established in 2019 by Co-CEOs Miriam Bavly and Peter John with the aim to produce romantic comedy, drama, horror, action, and fantasy films. Both Miriam Bavly and Peter John possess immense experience and expertise.

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Miriam Bavly, a Harvard graduate with a BA and MS, brings strategic planning and industry experience from award-winning media and film production work, while Peter John, an entertainment lawyer and accomplished artist who has represented several artists in multimillion-dollar deals, brings his music biz expertise. 

Together, they are committed to bolstering great artists’ presence through effective branding and writing thought-provoking screenplays that enrich society. Visit their website to learn more about BreakOut Music.

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