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Some theories are floating around suggesting big feats in 'Big Little Lies'. We’ve compiled the best theories to see what awaits the Monterey Five.

Pounding people with nice: What’s going to happen in ‘Big Little Lies’?

Big Little Lies is like one of those books you buy for the beach: you know it’s going to keep you addicted and you’re never going to put it down, even if some of the drama gets a bit trashy. It’s the perfect summer show for everyone looking for a bingewatch they just can’t kick.

We’re sad to see it go, but we’ll be leaving Monterey Bay soon again as the second season of Big Little Lies draws to a close. After the high that was Perry’s murder and the Monterey Five covering it up at the end of last season, it’s hard to think they’ll be able to top that with the S2 finale.

But there are some theories floating around suggesting some big feats coming in the next two episodes. We’ve compiled the best fan & press theories to see exactly what awaits the Monterey Five. But if you’re not caught up yet, hide away from the spoilers now.

Bonnie kills herself

There are two versions of this theory but they both lead to the same thing: Bonnie, the already victimized mother dealing with the guilt of murdering Perry, gets so stuck in her depression she kills herself. Theory One on Reddit involves that bridge we keep seeing throughout the second season; Bonnie has some kind of accident and ends up driving off the bridge and drowning.

Theory Two (suggested by user Cheatsheet) says Bonnie skips the car and just drowns herself. She’s been having visions of drowning throughout this season, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if she gets to a really dark place and does it herself. Either way, we hate this theory because Bonnie has been treated like crap in S1 and to see her killed off without any character development would be disappointing.

Perry or Mary Louise murdered the other Wright brother

Depending on which dark corner of the internet you examine, you’ll get a theory that either Mary Louise or Perry murdered the younger Wright child. Both of these theories have spread like wildfire. 

Both characters are psychotic and abusive, but only Perry was shown to be physically abusive. Plus, we see how Max and Josh play violently and Celeste warns them: “I’m not going to let you turn out like him,” hinting that she knows something about Perry’s past. 

But this season has shown us Mary Louise is definitely willing to go to extremes. She’s trying to get custody of Celeste’s kids while also berating Celeste for not being sad enough about Perry’s death. Mary Louise denies any knowledge of Perry’s abuse, claiming he’s the same sweet and innocent child she raised. So, either one of them could turn out to be responsible for the younger brother’s murder.

Jane’s new beau is not what he seems

After the tragic reveal last season that Jane was raped by Perry, we’ve been rooting for Jane to get some happiness in her life. This season, she met Corey, a sweet guy who works at the aquarium with her, who seems like Mr. Right. But fans are saying he’s not all he’s cracked up to be.

Another Reddit theory says Corey is an undercover cop working his way into the Monterey Five to get to the bottom of Perry’s murder. User ABlokeLikeYou doesn’t like how Corey has been acting quiet and awkward to a point where it stops looking cute and starts looking sketchy. Plus, there’s a moment in episode four during Amabella’s party when Jane & Corey are dancing – yet Corey is staring at Celeste menacingly the entire time.

Ed sleeps with Tori to get back at Joseph & Madeline

We knew it was only a matter of time before Madeline’s affair came to light, as both Jane and her daughter Abigail knew about it. While fighting over college again, Abigail reminds Madeline about her affair, which Ed overhears and finds out the truth. Ed becomes angry and leaves Madeline, though she continues to try and save their broken marriage.

This past episode, we got a clip of Tori, Joseph’s husband, and Ed talking in a bar, with Joseph away in the corner. Ed is fairly angry and so is Tori. Are we going to witness some hate-tupping by the end of the season? That might just be how Ed gets even with Madeline and Tori with Joseph.

Mary Louise has her own secret about Perry

Mary Louise has been driving thick walls between the Monterey Five while she tries to get to the bottom of her son’s mysterious death. She’s trying to take Celeste’s kids; she keeps going at it with Madeline; she causes Renata to call the other four “backstabbers”; the list goes on. Anything to help take her down would be huge for the remaining moms. 

What if ML’s been hiding something about Perry’s childhood – like the truth about his father’s death, or the way she treated him as a child? User Vulture wants us to remember that episode six is probably called “The Bad Mother” for a reason, and that reason is ML.

One of the Monterey Five finally confesses

Bonnie isn’t the only one reeling with guilt over Perry’s death. Throughout this season we’ve seen all five gals deal with their crimes in different ways. The guilt has taken a toll on all of them, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if one of them finally breaks. 

Celeste is already dealing with her own courthouse fight, so it most likely wouldn’t be her. Between this and her husband divorcing her, Madeline is wracked with guilt. Jane is happy in her current relationship, but if Corey’s a cop, she may not even realize she’s confessing if she discusses it with him. And lastly, Renata’s still struggling with her finances and may take the five down if it means she can get some cash. 

No matter which theories are true, the final two episodes have plenty of twists in store. You can get caught up on the first five episodes of season two on HBO, and check out the final two episodes later this month, Sunday nights at 9pm.

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