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Before thinking too much about the best ways to win the lottery, let us first understand how it works. Learn from Richard Lusting, who's won seven times!

Best Way of Winning Lottery: A Guide from Richard Lusting

Before talking much further about tips, do you actually understand who Richard Lusting is? Anyone knows that he’s the renowned winner for not only one, but seven lottery winnings! He achieved all of those wins within the period of only two years. The life of a person heavily in debt changed almost instantly when he earned millions of dollars plus the additional amounts from the jackpot. The number isn’t something that’s easy to neglect.

He reached the point where he could be anything in life, even surpassing his own dreams by winning lotteries. Looking at the lucky Richard, many started to join the club. With the goal to be another Richard Lusting, they bought lots and lots of lotteries, hoping that one could be a ticket to achieving their own dreams.

 While Richard Lusting could be said to be one of the luckiest guys on Earth, will you have the same opportunities as him? Richard was nothing years ago, and he might have been in your shoes back then. Now, it’s time to think about the best ways of winning the lottery. The lottery isn’t about luck, so it’s better to learn about the strategy from the big man himself.

Is It Hard to Win a Lottery? 

Before thinking too much about the best ways to win the lottery, let us first understand how it works. The lottery system is actually simple and easy to understand. Users will buy a ticket, the lottery ticket, that will be given several fixed numbers. These numbers are printed on the ticket, and users are free to pick any tickets available on the counter. 

If your ticket matches the winning numbers, then you got the prize! It’s as simple as that. Get a ticket, hope for the best, and see the winning numbers. If you win, the jackpot will be yours. It’s also better to learn from others’ experiences of success stories which you can find on numerous sites, including Lottery Critic. On that site, you may freely see the various lottery winners’ experiences, along with the useful tips shared by them.

Tips for Winning Lotter 

Now, it’s time to learn essential information. Although Richard has lots of methods and strategies, you may see the top three steps for winning a lottery. Be sure to take some notes, and follow along!

  1. More Equals Better 

It’s simply logical. People with more tickets, let’s say a hundred, will have much higher probability than those who only own several. It’s easier to say than done, we understand that. But, it’s the only way if you want guaranteed win. Although it’s not 100%, buying more tickets will put you in a better position. 

  1. Pick the Tickets Carefully 

The numbers are basically your only way to reach the ultimate goal: jackpot price. Don’t be hasty when buying the ticket, let’s think it through. Rather than picking consecutive numbers, you may opt for variation numbers. Sure, there’s no absolute rule about this, but it’s always better to broaden your range as wide as possible. 

  1. Pick The Unpopular Games 

Popular means competitive. Games that are popular are filled with lots of players who want to achieve the same goal: getting the jackpot. Now, it’s better for you to search for the underrated, unpopular games out there because the odds of winning are higher.

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