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Best Poker Movies You Should See

The most difficult thing for a poker player is to stop in time, but there is no need to stop here. The poker stories do not spoil too much variety, but in such a movie everything is arranged, as in the game itself. 

There are few combinations, but each game is special, and the emotions from the royal flush are always worth the wait. And even if the game turns out to be unsuccessful, you can always take at least a good experience out of it. Let’s have a look at the best poker movies you should definitely watch.

poker movie


Bret Maverick loves to play. With women, with comrades on the card table, with luck and fate, and indeed there is no better rival than life. The stakes of such people are always more significant and higher than any pyramid of chips, and all-in can even be equated with suicide. 

Through veins – excitement, in the eyes – mockery, in the head – the goal. In Maverick’s case, the goal is to win the big tournament, in which Bret needs to raise twenty-five thousand dollars to participate.

Maverick visits dusty townships, meets a beautiful young swindler, escapes from bandits, travels with a seasoned marshal, and languishes in captivity with the Indians – the filmmakers are not greedy with genre clichés and serve the traditions of cinema about the Wild West under luscious irony.

poker movie

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an Indian movie directed in 2010. The game revolves around a professor, who tries to write a thesis about probability and he uses the Teen Patti game, one of the main variations of poker as a source. 

His theory turns out to be successful and the professor gets a chance to make a lot of money from the game. However, he is not interested in it. Even though the film did not enjoy massive box office success, it is certainly one of the most popular movies both about poker and Teen Patti. In the movie, you can see literally everything and the plot is exciting as well.

poker movie

The Gambler

In the movie, the hero is primarily a gambler. By day, Jim Bennett is a professor of literature at a good university and the author of a well-known book. At night – a gambler who is not able to keep his unhealthy passion under control. Jim already owes the casino owner a six-figure sum, but the only way to return the money is to play again. 

The film, in general, is not so much about poker as about the consequences of being overly addicted to the game: Jim endangers his life and the lives of his loved ones, often visits the same rake, draws more and more people into his problems and consistently disappoints his family and viewers with their irresponsibility and gambling thirst.

poker movie


The moral in this film is simple: the worst thing a young player can do is win one day. It is much more difficult to get hooked on bitter defeats than on a sweet long-awaited victory, and the saddest thing is that casino owners understand this very well. 

Mike McDermott is no longer a naive deer under the gun of hunters for other people’s money: the guy knows what it means to put all-in and leave the table with thousands of dollars in debt. Michael also knows that he does not want to repeat this experience.

The hero promises himself and his girlfriend not to get involved in gambling anymore and supplants dreams of poker fame and wealth by diligent study in law. And maybe this process of sublimating dangerous ambitions would have ended successfully, and Mike would have become an exemplary husband, father, and a sought-after lawyer, but his old friend Lester bursts into the hero’s life.

poker movie

This character is from the category of those who are immediately looked at by girls of friends with suspicion. Yes, and it is difficult to relate without prejudice to the man who was nicknamed the Worm and was recently released from prison. McDermott has to break his plans for a calm future, again pick up the cards and play for the life of a friend.

poker movie

A Big Hand for the Little Lady

The sweetest family spent their whole sweetest life saving up for the sweetest farm so that their sweetest son would be provided with the sweetest future. Well, what could be nicer? 

On their way to their dreams, the heroes stop overnight at a hotel where very rich guys hold a poker tournament every year. As is customary with many very rich people, the players in the hotel are used to transferring their money only to each other, and they do not want to share it with anyone. 

The hero sits down at the table, loses predictably, and is so nervous that he has a heart attack. To the dear mom, the lost dad manages to convey only the look of the dog and the card that gnawed on the sneaker. The sweet family became an incomplete family and very poor, and now a woman who has never played poker in her life must win back her sweet life.

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