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Aubin Bradley is no stranger to performing. Although she is busy filming season 2, she took the time for this amazing interview.

Aubin Bradley brings Lucy Loud to life in ‘The Really Loud House’

Aubin Bradley is no stranger to performing. Following her sisters into show business at a young age, Aubin is a born entertainer. Now, she stars as Lucy Loud in Nickelodeon’s show The Really Loud House. Although she is busy filming season 2, she took the time for this amazing interview.

Your role as Lucy Loud in The Really Loud House has resonated with audiences. How do you approach portraying Lucy’s gloomy and cynical character, and what do you enjoy most about bringing her to life?  

Playing the role of Lucy Loud is just the best! What I have enjoyed the most is bringing parts of me to her character.  I have brought a mischievous fun spirit to her but also a more human side.  In Season 2, fans are going to see Lucy going through some typical middle school stuff which has been a ton of fun!!!

Congratulations on your role in Nickelodeon’s original holiday movie A Really Haunted Loud House. Can you share any exciting moments or challenges you faced while working on this spooky project?  

The Halloween movie was so much fun to film.  I was a vampire who transforms at the end of the Thriller inspired music video into a bat as I flew through the air on a harness.  I had to do this dance which included an aerial without being able to see.  My eyes in the show are covered with long bangs!  So dancing and doing acrobatics on set without being able to see has been a very fun challenge. I also have learned to act with the bottom half of my face – my mouth.  You never see my eyes so I have learned to portray a lot with very little!  

You’ve had guest-starring roles in a variety of TV series, including the upcoming Apple TV series Hello Tomorrow and Netflix’s The Watcher. How do you prepare for different roles in both comedy and drama genres, and do you have a preference for one over the other? 

I really love doing both.  My roles on the more serious tv series have been so incredible to film. I love the dramatic roles and each one of them has been so special.  But I have found that I am pretty good at comedy.  It is actually harder to be funny and get the timing correct.  Also, the director on the show lets us improv and I have made up some pretty funny lines that have been used in the series so that is pretty cool.

Voice acting as Coco in Cartoon Network’s Bing is another facet of your career. How does your approach to voice acting differ from on-screen acting, and do you have a favorite aspect of each?  

I have been making funny voices and impersonations since I was little. It all started with my obsession with Stitch and impersonating him.  My mom when my sisters and I were little would always tell us stories at bedtime and do different impersonations with our stuffed animals. With voice acting, I have total freedom to just go for it and I love it.

Starring as Little Cosette in the Broadway National Tour production of Les Misérables is a remarkable achievement. Can you share some highlights from your time on the Broadway stage, and how has theater influenced your acting career?  

I was around 8 years old when I went on tour and it was such a crazy experience.  Playing Little Cosette and singing “Castle on a Cloud” in front of thousands of people every day was just wow.  My older sister, Catherine, was in Harry Potter on Broadway and my other sister, Alex, was on the Broadway Tour of the Sound of Music playing Marta and Gretl at the exact same time, so it just made sense that I was next. I love theatre and performing live and want to live in New York when I am older so I suspect Broadway will be back in my future!

Off-Broadway, you starred in The Little Princess and Annie the Musical. What draws you to stage productions, and how does the live audience experience compare to on-screen performances? 

Nothing compares to performing live and the energy you get from being on stage.  The adrenaline and excitement I would feel each night is something I miss.  But I love doing tv because I get to impact so many more people and also I can always redo a scene if I want to try it a slightly different way. I feel like film can sometimes give you more choices and creativity.

Dancing competitively and winning several regional and national titles is an impressive accomplishment. How does your passion for dance complement your acting career, and do you have a favorite dance style or routine?  

I love dancing and combining athleticism and performance together.  It totally complements my acting career as Cat (my older sister) and I have already danced together and tapped in two different episodes on The Really Loud House.  My favorite style is contemporary as you have more flexibility to combine movements from ballet and jazz and create something beautiful. 

Singing and playing the ukulele at various venues in New York City sounds like a delightful side to your artistic pursuits. Can you share some memorable moments from your experiences as a singer and musician in the city?  

My older sisters were already singing in cabarets in New York, so I just started doing what they were doing.  I remember when I was five and they were singing that evening, and the cabaret asked us if we all wanted to do a number together.  I learned the song “Happiness” that afternoon and put the lyrics in a pretend book (just in case) and we all performed together. luxuretv It was magic and the audience loved it.  I think you can literally find that moment on YouTube. I started to learn the ukulele and have been singing ever since!   

Your Instagram following has grown significantly. How do you use this platform to connect with fans, and what type of content do you enjoy sharing the most?  

I love just sharing what I am up to.  I don’t really like posting pictures of just myself, but the fans really love it when I share photos of me just being a teenager and having fun.  Of course, they love the Lucy Loud photos, but I find fans really connect to me just being a kid and doing normal kid stuff.  

Looking ahead, are there specific roles or projects you aspire to take on in the future, and what goals do you have for your acting and artistic career?  

I would love to take on a leading role in a feature film or series. My sisters and I love telling the stories of strong women and would love to play a role that really inspires others.  I would also to play a superhero!

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