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Why Attractive Female Athletes Are More Successful

Forget attractive female athletes for a second, and let’s focus briefly on attractive women in general. 

Attractive women garner attention everywhere they go, because? Because they’re appealing to the eyes. Both men and women notice them and love their presence. Attractive women are like the Dubai of every gathering – a center of attention. A figure that stands out from the rest. Somebody everyone wants in their sights at all times. I bet every woman reading this will agree even fellow women envy them.

Ok, now, away from women in general and into the subject of the day. What has a pretty face and a curvy body got to do with success in athletics?

Time and again, we’ve seen pretty athletes beating the regular ones to the accolades, recognition, and stardom. But what exactly is the correlation between an athlete’s beauty and their athletic prowess? Why do the pretty ones make better careers in athletics? Let’s find out.

Reasons attractive female athletes are more successful

  1. Beauty and elegance isn’t associated with sports and athletics

Everybody has this preconceived notion of how a regular athlete should look. Muscular, less curvy, upright posture, resilient, and rugged body. This is the picture in everyone’s head. So, when we find someone defying the norms, they leave a special impression in our minds.

The result?

People notice everything they do. People applaud every little athletic move they make. People cheer for them before they even step on the track or field. All these, combined, give an attractive athlete an edge over their less-than-attractive colleagues or opponents.

  1. They’re the center of attention

As earlier pointed out, attractive female athletes are like Dubai – the center of attention of every gathering. Whether on the field, the road, the club, the park, or the plane, these ladies garner everybody’s attention without even lifting a finger.

As Sam Dexter of BiglySports rightly puts it,  “the hottest female athletes are more successful because they receive more attention over the course of their careers.” And quite rightly so. Even when standing in the midst of colleagues, an attractive athlete will strike a different chord with every onlooker, shifting everyone’s focus entirely on themselves.

  1. They have to prove the doubters wrong

Because of their looks and elegance, a lot of critics will argue they’re not cut out to be athletes.

As we said earlier, people have this preconceived idea of an ideal athlete’s appearance. So when someone comes off different from the norm, they’re expected to fail. To prove such people wrong and show that they truly belong in athletics, attractive athletes work harder to ensure they silence their critics.

  1. Paparazzi follows them everywhere they go

Because they’re a ‘freak of nature’ in the eyes of everyone, attractive female athletes enjoy better paparazzi than the average female athlete. The camera follows them everywhere, capturing and documenting every little thing they do.

The result?

They enjoy more free PR, become the faces of the biggest magazines, and enjoy better all-round representation in the media. All these put together further advances the fast-growing popularity of an attractive female athlete. Think Serena Williams.

  1. They’re motivated to work twice as hard as others 

Knowing fully well that a large percentage of the audience has come to watch them, attractive female athletes try to put on a show every day of their career.

For many of them, it is win or bust. Seeing as many of the spectators already know them even before they lift a finger, the expectation is sort of higher. So to measure up to that, they go in more geared up than normal.

To further bolster this claim, go back in time to the beginning of the careers of athletes like Paige VanZant, Alisha Lehmann, and Paige Spiranac; you will notice these guys were more explosive and motivated than most of their colleagues. In other words, they wanted it more, so they outdid the rest.

  1. They earn more

Attractive female athletes are more coveted by brands and agencies alike because they’re more marketable. As far as influencing and marketing go, brands would rather hire the services of an attractive athlete because they know such people are easily likable by the public.

As a result of this, attractive players get more deals and recognition than their less-than-attractive counterparts.

So, in summary, the larger the difference in attractiveness between two players, the greater the difference in the number of financial deals they get.

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