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Veronica Lodge is someone not Archie Andrews? 'Riverdale' takes a sledgehammer to Varchie with this season 5 casting news.

Is Veronica Lodge married? All the ‘Riverdale’ season 5 gossip

Everyone’s favorite (or love to hate) CW drama Riverdale will be back in about under two weeks for its long-awaited season 5. With this upcoming season, Riverdale will finish out Archie (KJ Apa) and the gang’s senior year. After this, however, will be the much-rumored seven-year time skip for the characters, bringing us to them in early adulthood. 

Which, honestly, it’s a relief. Half of the time, the Riverdale writers forget that these children, so to speak because Dawson casting, are nominally in high school. So rather than dragging it out further in season 5, there’s a time skip and we can just forget school and Riverdale. This also allows Marisol Nichols and Skeet Ulrich to phase out of the cast as well. 

With this season 5 time skip, the major question all Riverdale fans have is: “What about my ship?” Well, Varchie lovers, we have some bad news for you. It looks like when the time skip happens, Veronica (Camila Mendes) will be married, but it won’t be to Archie. Here’s what you need to know about that.

‘Most Punchable Name’ award goes to . . . Chad Gekko!

British actor Chris Mason, best known for his role in the third series of the David Tennant and Olivia Colman mystery drama Broadchurch, joins Riverdale season 5 as Chad Gekko, husband to Veronica Lodge. He’s described as “a controlling and jealous Alpha male who works on Wall Street” and “threatened by Veronica’s life in Riverdale, especially her friendship with Archie.”

Mason will recur as Gekko throughout Riverdale season 5, starting in episode four which will air on Feb. 10. Oh boy, you know that old saying about little girls marrying their father? Wow. It certainly sounds like Veronica found her very own Hiram Lodge, who also has a layer of abuse and manipulation added in for fun. Like, wow, yikes. Why Veronica? We thought you had better taste. 

Also, seriously, Chad Gekko? Just hearing that name makes a person want to punch him in the face. The Riverdale writers, not known for their subtlety, to begin with, really want audiences going into hate this guy. But it is interesting, because, really. We don’t know much of what’s going on with the time skip. It’s a big blank.

What else do we know about the Riverdale timeskip?

One recent bit of news is that Vanessa Morgan’s IRL pregnancy will be written into Toni Topaz’s season 5 storyline. This probably means that people who were hoping for a Choni endgame will also be disappointed going into the time skip. Currently uncasted at this time is Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) post time skip girlfriend, so it’s everyone’s ship that are getting broken up.

Added into the cast? Erinn Westbrook (Glee) as Tabitha Tate, granddaughter of Pop Tate, who will be trying to franchise Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe during Riverdale season 5. Archie, based on rumors, will either serve in the military or come home to Riverdale to be a firefighter.

Basically, there’s going to be a lot happening with this time skip. 

Why breaking up the ships is a good thing

Don’t come for our wig, reader. It’s a plot decision that, unlike many of Riverdale’s plot-making decisions, actually makes sense. You are not the same person in your twenties that you are when you’re a teenager. It’s a simple fact of the matter of life. People grow and change, hopefully so will these characters during that time skip. It’s not always for the better, but it does lead to relationships ending.

Hopefully, with this, things can be better for it. Relationships made (or remade) following this time skip will be stronger for it, for being with other people for good or for ill. If Varchie, Bughead, or Choni are truly endgame, then they’ll find their way back together as adults when they are a little wiser for their heartbreak, you know? 

Riverdale returns on Jan 20 at 8/7c on The CW. 

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