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Ready for 'Riverdale' to return for season 5? Celebrate the show's return in January with the best memes from the previous four seasons.

‘Riverdale’ finally returns: Celebrate with these top-tier memes

Riverdale is probably the most cringeworthy teen drama on TV right now, but we love it nonetheless. From shockingly predictive twists to outlandish plotlines to the wackiest quotes you’ve ever heard, there’s truly no place like Riverdale.

And now that the show is returning for season 5, we have gathered all the top-tier Riverdale memes to celebrate. Enjoy!

The highs & lows of high school football

Of course, Archie, you haven’t lived in life until you manage to score a touchdown on the football field – in high school of all places!

Yep, seems legit from riverdale

When you know, you *know*

Dear Riverdale writers, 

What are you going to say at the funeral now that you’ve killed our ’ship?

Archie’s emergency guide

What is Archie’s guide to coping with an emergency? Step 1: identify the emergency. Step 2: take off the shirt. Step 3: do something idiotic that’ll only serve to make the problem even bigger. Step 4: Enjoy the drama. 

Betty, you’re not you when you’re hungry

Frankly, we can all agree that Betty’s supposed “dark side” trope needs a little rebranding. Unleash hungry Betty! 

BTW, we low-key want this to be the next Snickers advertisement. Who agrees?

A tad too much violence

But can’t say we don’t agree with the sentiment!

Why, indeed

Stop judging us, Netflix! The preposterous storylines and over-the-top scenes are reason enough.

Cheryl is “extra”

Knowing how many murders happen in Riverdale, we’d be surprised if Cheryl & her cheer squad don’t have a whole routine planned already. 

Archie’s back & forth

Honestly, this meme summarizes Archie’s entire storyline. But we’re still waiting for the inevitable Jughead-Archie relationship.

Daddy’s fault

Well, in all fairness, he probably did.

This never gets old

It can’t be a proper Riverdale memes rundown without a little dig at the writers. We simply can’t wait to see what crappy storyline the show’s writers throw our way next!

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