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Everybody knows OnlyFans, but what about all the other alternatives that exist? Discover a list of several content platforms to join.

Top OnlyFans Alternatives in 2022

OnlyFans is undeniably one of the most popular subscription-based content platforms you should consider leveraging. You can count on this social platform to take your career to the next level without pushing yourself to the limits. After all, it connects content creators with their fans by offering more freedom and flexibility.

However, not everyone is into the prospect of leveraging what this social platform offers.  And they’re not to blame since some have legit reasons. Either way, you can continue your follower career without relying on OnlyFans. The secret lies in counting on OnlyFans clone apps to make money from your content.

Are you still undecided on the most effective way to make this all-important decision? Below are 5 top OnlyFans alternatives in 2022 worth your time and money. 

  • Fanvue 

Fanvue is one of the few OnlyFans alternatives that put creators’ needs first.  And this is easy to see since it allows content creators to earn, connect, and share on their terms. You’ll enjoy an 80% commission for sales you make on this social platform.  To ensure you maximize your earnings, Fanvue boasts a referral program that guarantees a 5% commission from new content creators who sign up using your link. 

  • FriendsOnly 

FriendsOnly is a new entrant and one of the best OnlyFans alternatives you should try. This social media platform combines possibilities of content subscription services and a user-friendly interface to ensure you have a remarkable experience.  You’re free to leverage free videos on this social platform or opt for paid content. 

With the paid content version, content creators can earn a living hassle-free. Posting videos is by far one of the easiest ways to capitalize on the money-making capabilities of FriendsOnly. Either way, there is nothing wrong with trying your hand at different content.

onlyfans alternatives

Scrile Connect

If you are thinking of creating your own platform where you can make money on adult content, Scrile Connect is the best OnlyFans alternative. Scrile Connect is a turnkey fully-customizable solution for a fast launch of your own online business platform for content monetization like OnlyFans. It is a full-featured software that is ready-for-launch with no coding needed. You can start an independent private website for monetization of exclusive content and fan base of creators under your own brand and domain name, with your own privacy policy, pricing and no transaction limits.

Scrile Connect features include:

  • Fully-branded white label solution
  • Multiple built-in monetization tools: paid subscriptions and posts, paid messages with PPV attachments, pay-per-minute calls, live streams with tipping, referral program.
  • Unlimited design and feature customization
  • 0% commission fee from revenue
  • Easy integration with payment gateways: free integration with Paypal to accept payments right from the website launch, options of other payment processors integrations like CCBill, NETbilling, Stripe, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, etc.
  • Admin dashboard to manage creator profiles, set payout commissions, make payout request calculations, and control all aspects of your platform.

Scrile Connect is applied to more than 20 different business models and niches fromsmall consulting platforms and OnlyFans clones to real competitors of social media giants.

  • Patreon 

Patreon is worth checking out when searching for the best OnlyFans alternative to leverage.  It is perfect for content creators who want to share material for an audience beyond the adult market.  Users need to pay a monthly fee to access content on Patreon with ease. You’ll keep 80% of your earnings with Patreon taking 5%-12% of your revenue.  That’s a perfect deal for content creators since not many subscription-based social platforms can match it. 

  • JustForFans

JustForFans is an OnlyFans alternative that lets content creators share sex workers’ images and videos. Unlike most alternatives to OnlyFans, JustForFans has a more queer vibe and variants for search.  You can also share non-sex content on this social platform and still earn a living.  To keep this social platform operating effectively, you should be ready to make do with a 30% commission on your earnings.

  • Bitfan by UniProgy 

Even though there are different OnlyFans alternatives worth your attention, you’re better off creating a clone app. You don’t have to start from scratch since Bitfan by UniProgy is the perfect OnlyFans clone script you can use to save time and money. After all, it allows you to launch your subscription-based creator networks in almost no time. 

The catch is in buying software and installing it on your server. That way, you can have your OnlyFans-like website up and running right away. In short, Bitfan by UniProgy helps you save time and money on developing such a project from scratch.

The Bottom Line 

Finding the best OnlyFans alternative doesn’t have to be the sole reason behind your woes. As long as you examine the pros and cons of different apps like OnlyFans at your disposal, be rest assured you’ll find the best for your needs. Alternatively, you can buy a read-made OnlyFans clone and start earning from it. The route you decide to follow is entirely up to you. 

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