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How Ben Affleck managed to get himself banned from a casino

For a long time now, Ben Affleck has been rated as one of the best actors in the world. The famous Batman is well known for his amazing performance in Pearl Harbor and Gone Girl. Apart from acting, he is also an avid casino player. He plays cards in such a unique and amazing way that the popular Hard Rock Casino banned him from playing for a long time. Today, we are going to discuss this sweet story.

Celebrity gets banned

Casino managers do everything in their power to attract players because they are their main source of revenue. Therefore, when you hear that a casino banned someone from playing, he or she must have been a stubborn violator. So, what did Ben Affleck do that led to his ban?

It turns out that Ben has a powerful memory that gives him an edge when he plays online casino games for real money with other gamblers. Ben visited the casino back in 2014 with his wife. And he won loads of cash just by playing cards. According to the casino’s security service, the talented actor remembers all eliminated cards from the game. And this enables him to win.

Remember, casinos have not yet created a ban on a good memory. However, such players are not welcome in most casinos around the world. To make things easier for Ben, the casino allowed him to play other games and even made a limousine available for him. Back in 2001, Ben won $800,000 in the same casino after playing blackjack successfully.

After he was banned, Ben did not give up casino games. Being one of the best players in the world, Ben visited several ideal casinos because he found it comfortable to play online games. Of course, no online casino would block Ben from accessing his favorite games. He still manages to be successful in Blackjack.

Online gambling

According to Spinia, a popular gaming site launched recently, most online sites are aware of the players’ identity. Therefore, there is more to Ben Affleck’s secrecy in the online gaming world.

Experts suggest that online gambling sites which have all the licenses to work with clients online like in the USA, were aware of who he was but didn’t leak the information due to Ben’s connections with the managers. However, this is just a rumor. It could also be that online casinos are simply adhering to their terms and conditions; among them being player confidentiality.

Ben Affleck is a lucky man in career, love, and gambling. It’s not easy for casinos to find a player who has been visited by lady luck. Since he was an exception, Hard Rock Casino banned him from playing Blackjack on the premises for life. Affleck was accused of card counting and fraud. Fortunately, the ban only applies to Hard Rock Casino. This means that other casinos would gladly welcome and treat him like a king.

When asked about his hobbies, he said that blackjack is one of his favorite hobbies. He also said that the casino banned him from playing the game exceptionally. In Las Vegas, the famous actor won blackjack until the casino service stopped him. The security team reported that he won too much and he was a great player. The next day, the information about the lucky player was spread across the major casino in the city.

Last year, the actor amazed his friends with a spectacular game while he was drunk. Ben was spotted at a West Hollywood Party. The casino owners were tense. Being intoxicated didn’t prevent him from placing a $20,000 bet there.

After 12 minutes at the table, the actor managed to win $1,500. He then took his winnings and left with his girlfriend. Affleck appears regularly in rehabilitation centers to combat alcohol addiction. The actor has been released on various occasions after making improvements only to return.




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