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Sites like Only Fans clearly cater to beauty standards. Luckily, Megacams has arrived to change that. See how adult entertainment is transforming.

Adult-only fans platform

Adult entertainment and the realities of sex work have become an inescapable part of our lives during the pandemic. At the same time, people are entering sex work as an unconventional means to make money, others are seeing adult entertainment as an opportunity to explore the possibilities of their self-expression. However, sites like OnlyFans clearly cater to a certain body type and beauty standard. Luckily Megacams has arrived to change that.

New standards

“We’re taking the hassle out of promotion by actively pushing traffic to our models using paid ads, dedicated fan emails and smart algorithms that reward you for using our platform and send fans to you.” They proclaim. Their recent launch as a more inclusive site has their hopes and expectations exceptionally optimistic.

“We celebrate sexuality, and are fully accepting of all individuals. So, whether you prefer sexting with your fans or selling content directly, there’s a space for you,” they explain. “We’re building tools and processes to make sure we grow your fanbase with you, and get your content in front of people that could turn into fans.”

In equal measure, the crew at Megacams are also excited about creating more space for content creators of all stripes. “We’re fairly new to the marketplace and it’s a great opportunity to create a space and start gaining favor with our users. A less-saturated platform means that unlike OnlyFans, Just For Fans, and ManyVids, you’ll have much more visibility and won’t be unnoticed in Megacams.” they said.

Instant standout

One of the brightest selling points of Megacams is their payout structure that immediately puts the hype surrounding OnlyFans into stark perspective. 

“We payout 60% of sales to our content creators, less than some platforms like OnlyFans, but we reinvest money into promoting you to our visitors and helping you to get eyes on your content and fans into your chat.” they explain. “[You can] set your own pricing on each video or image content that you upload and manage your pricing from your profile. You can upload on a piece-by-piece basis or group together in albums.”

Fast-moving content creators will be pleased to see all of the mobile features Megacams has immediately at their disposal.“Designed for models on-the-go, our chat is built for mobile, so you can connect with your fans while you go about your day.” they say. “You’ll get notifications when you receive a message and when you keep Megacams open in your browser, you’ll never miss an opportunity.”

Streamlined success

Knowing your worth both professionally and personally is one of the biggest keys to sustained success on Megacams, and they know exactly how to help you do it. 

“As an entrepreneur in the adult industry, knowing your pricing structure when you’re getting started is a great way to help you streamline your processes,” they explain. “Take some time to consider the price you want to put on certain content types and features. Planning and preparation here will help with your content creation process too.”

As an added bonus to newcomers, Megacams offers anecdotal secrets to success right out of the gate. 

“When you’re working out your content strategy, it helps to stagger your uploads and how you price them.” they say. “If the first video you post is your best, restricted content for the highest price, but potential viewers don’t know what to expect, you won’t make as many sales. Start off with a content tease and build up to the really good stuff…it’s a better strategy to support your long term goals.”

Bright future

As the topic of sexual diversity becomes less and less taboo in more parts of the world, Megacams seems poised to be a top choice for models who prioritize inclusivity in their sexual experiences. As a testament to their mission of inclusivity, Megacams host models streaming from Afghanistan, Russia, and India. The governments of all three countries still uphold laws that make it deadly to be not only queer but to work in adult entertainment. 

As time goes on, sites like Megacams are sure to become mainstays for the next generation of sex workers and adult entertainers of all stripes. 


Do you see yourself represented by the models in Megacams? Let us know in the comments!

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