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The more that technology advances, the scarier it seems. Here are the 5 best films about a cyber attack that'll make you side-eye your smart phone!

5 Best Films About Cyber Attack

Hackers (1995)

A fantastic movie about the business of hacking and cybercrime is called Hackers. Stars Jonny Lee Maguire and Angelina Jolie, it was published in 1995. The plot centres on a team of hackers who use their technical prowess to try to bring down a major organisation. Someone intrigued in software technology or the sciences in general should see Hackers because it was one of very first movies to explore this realm.

The film is based on a book by Steven Levy titled Cheaters: Legends Of The Computer Revolution. Before writing his book, Levy conducted research on the topic at Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Lab.

cyber attack films

Games of War

The WarGames movie, released in 1983, is a Cold War drama signed by Gary Lasker, Walter F. Parkes, and Dr. John M. Deutch, the director and producer who also served as the head of the United States Security Agency. It is based on the same-named novel by John Badham (who were producers).

David Lightman, played by Matthew Broderick, is a hacker who unintentionally gains access to WOPR (Wwii Care Is provided Reply), an American military technology company designed to forecast the results of a nuclear conflict between the US and the USSR. Lightman thinks he is playing the computer game Global Thermonuclear War, which is based on a nuke war (Glo-Tan 2120).

The Italian Job

In the movie The Italian Job, a gang of thieves plots to rob funds out of a mafia boss. The movie has some fantastic scenes and performances, but it’s also significant because it illustrates how much effort goes into organising and carrying out a cyberattack.

Fourth Estate

The growth of WikiLeaks, which started in 2006 as a website made by Australian web developer Julian Assange, is the inspiration for The Fifth Estate. Assange is played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie, and Daniel Domscheit-Berg is played by Daniel Brühl. In 2010, Assange disclosed American military records obtained by Chelsea Manning after being freed from jail on rape charges and granted shelter in the Ecuadorian embassy in London (played in The Fifth Estate by Alicia Vikander).

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Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis star in the cyber-terrorism movie Blackhat, which centres on a hacker who infiltrates a nuclear facility’s power grid. It is based on the real-life incident in 2003 when Chinese hackers targeted the American electrical grid, resulting in a blackout that hit eight states. Hemsworth portrays Nicholas Hathaway in the movie Blackhat, a hacker who uses his skills to uncover crimes and stop further cyberattacks on American infrastructure.

These movies depict the world following a cyberattack

The frequency and severity of cyberattacks are increasing. These five films are recommended if you want to see in film what can occur if we will not take precautions:

Access to these cyber attack movies is not far from your PC. Windows VPN client supports a strong encryption algorithm that can enable you to gain access to your favorite movies within no time and also stay safe while watching on a streaming service, online, from a shared streaming site or anywhere else.

cyber attack films

In the cult classic “WarGames” (1983), a computer hacker unintentionally triggers the third world war. Due to its accurate portrayal of technology from the early 1980s and of military bureaucracy in a time of crisis, this movie is still relevant today.

In virtue of serving as one of James Ed’s best movies, Robo 2: Judgment Day (1991) also shows us how the world may have changed if Skynet had won its conflict with humanity in 1997 rather than 1984, illustrating what might occur after a cyberattack.


I sincerely hope you enjoy and learn from these movies as much as I have. Always be careful when using the internet!

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