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Yoyo Talented Artist From China

Yoyo is a talented artist from China. Her work in movies has a truly distinctive vibe, and what makes her so special is the fact that she is known by the public due to her appearances in many popular Chinese TV series like “Eternal Love,” The Pillow Book,” “Scarlet Heart;” as well as the famous Chinese movie “Mulan” (2009).

Recently the amazing and multi-talented artist and producer, born Yuxin Liu, has been garnering new fans not only in China, but also internationally due to her commitment to improving the movie making scene in her country and elsewhere. She created and plans to launch FOOTAGE, a now organization with the aim of providing indie filmmakers and storytellers with career-based mentorship and access to resources to finance their motion picture projects. In addition, FOOTAGE will also focus on the NFT market, enabling artists and filmmakers to turn their work into profitable and valuable unique digital art projects.

Her vision is actually a really perfect example of what could happen in the film industry if talented independent individuals decide to make a difference and even help others take control of their talent and artistry!

Find out more about Yoyo, and do not miss out on the filmmaker’s most recent projects, activities and events, including the launch of FOOTAGE, expected in the second quarter of 2023.


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