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2020 hit us hard and after quarantine we're all shook. The new "you changed" meme on Twitter illustrates our post-quarantine metamorphosis perfectly.

Quarantine has changed us: Reflect with the “you changed” meme

2020 has knocked the wind out of a lot of us – and it’s not over yet. So far we’ve had a global pandemic, a serious economic collapse, & world-changing protests. With a monumental election coming up, we’re all being put through the ringer. 

When (if) we come out the other side, who knows who we’ll be. People change all the time – but when years are this rough, there’s no doubt that we’re all going to go through a full-on metamorphosis. You may be jaded, tired, sad, or just different.  

The newest meme to hit twitter is the “you changed” meme – and it illustrates our post-quarantine metamorphosis perfectly. Whether these make you laugh or cry or both – at least we know we’re not alone. Here are some of the best “you changed” memes we’ve seen so far. 

Family quarantine

Being stuck in a house with family is rough. Especially when you literally can’t leave. Such a nightmare. 

Movie deprivation

Going to the theaters is a wonderful experience. Without it, is there any reason to leave the house? 

Depressed? You’re not alone

Considering the circumstances (isolation, fear, paranoia, anger) – depression is likely spreading faster than the virus right now.

Why Phoebe Waller-Bridge? We need you

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has been our saving grace and now we’re not getting more from her? 2020 really is a dumpster fire. When it rains it pours.

Desperate for tunes 

Listening to music through headphones is not the same as hearing it live.

Outfit change

Thank you for this cheeky one, Ken. You rock. 

Giving up 

This post is both heartbreaking & extremely relatable. It’s so easy to just give up right now. 

Beleiber fan crushed

Some may be sad about all of the grave stuff happening on the news – but I guess some are mostly impacted by Justin Bieber’s marriage. To each their own. 

Telling it like it is

Sometimes it takes quarantine to help us sort out who is worth our time. Get rid of those fake friends who add nothing to your life.

Step TF back

Time away from people can really illuminate how much we need space. Stand up for yourself – assert your boundaries! 


How have you changed during 2020?

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