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Yang Mi is easily one of the hottest actresses in China right now. Here are all of the TV shows that Yang Mi shines the brightest in.

Yang Mi: Her very best TV shows

Yang Mi is easily one of the hottest actresses in China right now. With an acting career that began at only four years old, it’s no surprise Yang Mi’s range and depth as an actress is unsurpassed. From historical dramas to contemporary romantic comedies, Yang Mi is a chameleon, becoming her character completely. 

We’ve been binging on all of Yang Mi’s best work, and now we get to tell you about all the series we couldn’t get enough of. Here are all of the shows that Yang Mi shines the brightest in – let us know in the comments what your favorite Yang Mi performance is!

The Negotiator (2018)

In The Negotiator, Yang Mi plays Tong Wei,  a genius negotiator who is the star of the US-China Business Council. Z. Tao plays Xis Xiao Fei, the son groomed to take over his family’s Chinese-American corporation, even though he wants nothing to do with it. 

Xie Xiao Fei’s personal frustrations make him prickly, and end up putting him at odds with Tong Wei, making the two into instant enemies. Will they find a connection underneath all of that bickering?

Chinese Paladin 3 (2009)

Yang Mi actually plays both Tang Xue Jian and Xi Yao in Chinese Paladin 3. This series was a major hit in China. Taking place 50 years before the original Chinese Paladin, this series was adapted from a video game featuring time travel as a major element.

Jing Tian (Hu Ge) is a happy go lucky, mischievous, and financially motivated young man. He gets a hold of a magical jade which forces him to meet the Tang’s Xue Jian (Yang Mi), whose spunk keeps him on his toes. Together with senior disciple Xu Chang Qing (Wallace Huo), the three take on an epic fantasy adventure.

Legend of Fu Yao (2018)

Yang Mi takes on the title role of Meng Fu Yao. Adopted as an orphan, Fu Yao was raised as a slave for the Xuan Yuan sect in the Taiyuan Kingdom. Tragedies force her to undertake a journey to lift her life’s curse. 

Along the way, she meets the Crown Prince of Tianquan, Zhang Sun Wu Ji (Ethan Juan), and the pair fall for each other. Together, they tackled political issues in the five kingdoms and unearth the secrets of Fu Yao’s birth.

The Interpreter (2016)

The highest-rated drama of 2016, The Interpreter is just great television. Yang Mi plays Qiao Fei, a French postgraduate, who dreams of becoming a famous interpreter. While in Paris, she meets a professional French interpreter, Cheng Jia Yang (Haung Xuan), and the two start their mentorship on the wrong foot. 

She earns his praise as she meets his challenges and the two gradually develop feelings towards each other. Will their steady love beat all the odds against them?

Beijing Love Story (2012)

Three college students, Cheng Feng (Cheng Si Cheng), Wu Di (Li Chen) and Shi Xiao Meng (Zhang Yi) overcome their different backgrounds to form a band, pursuing their dreams of making music.

Together with their female friends, the group graduates and begins their new lives in the working world. They navigate all the new challenges in love, growth, and work to pave their complicated new paths as adults. 

Palace (2011)

In Palace, Luo Qing Chuan (Yang Mi) is a history lover who accidentally travels back in time to Emperor Kang Xi’s era of the Qing dynasty. She becomes embroiled in the princes’ struggle for the throne and caught up in a love triangle. 

Caught in the crossfire of political intrigue, Luo Qing Chuanwit has to rely on quick thinking and her historical knowledge to stay alive as she begins to realize that true history is much darker and uglier than books portray. 

Eternal Love (2017)

After a devastating war, the immortal tribe paid a heavy price to seal the demon lord. 70,000 years later, in an attempt to re-seal the demon lord who broke free, Bai Qian (Yang Mi) was sent to the mortal realm. There she meets Ye Hua (Mark Chao) and falls in love with him, forgetting about her life as a goddess. 

When a series of misunderstandings between the couple causes Bai Qian to lose her eyes, she believes Ye Hua has betrayed her. Devastated, Bai Qian jumps off from the Zhu Xian Terrace. 

At her request, all her memories are erased and she forgets Ye Hua. Over a hundred years later, the two meet again as deities. In this new lifetime, Ye Hua recognizes Bai Qian but the latter remains indifferent. Are they fated to bear an entangling love?

The Breakup Guru (2014)

One of the highest-grossing comedies in China for 2014, The Breakup Guru grossed 180 million yuan in its first week. 

Deng Chao plays Mei Yuangui, a professional Breakup Guru, who is hired by a client to end a relationship with Ye Xiaochun (Yang Mi). Mei Yuangui’s breakup skills are put to the test when a battle of wits ensues with Xiaochun, risking his reputation and setting up the ultimate test of his services! 

Swords of Legends (2014)

Taking place during the Tang Dynasty, Swords of Legends follows young martial artist, Baili Tusu (Li Yi Feng) develops a mysterious aura, only suppressed with the Sword of Burning Solitude. 

When fighting bandits, he meets Ouyang Shaogong (Qiao Zhen Yu)  and Fang Lansheng (Ray Ma) who are on a quest to find a jade ornament that will help them create a resurrection elixir. The three teams up to undergo their quest together. 

Wang Zhao Jun (2007)

Playing the title role of Wang Zhao Jun, Yang Mi’s role in the drama earned her a Best Actress nomination in the China TV Golden Eagle Awards.

The drama depicts the adventurous life of Wang Zhao Jun, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. The four beauties could topple powers with their looks alone, and Wang Zhao Jun is more than just a pretty face. Using her wisdom and spirit Wang Zhao Jun begins to assert her power in a male-dominated world. 

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