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Who needs pants when you can green screen on pants through Zoom? Here's some work memes to keep us laughing through quarantine.

These work memes remind us: There’s no need for pants anymore

Who needs pants when you can green screen on pants through Zoom? The quarantine has left a lot of people working from home, exposing their personal lifestyles to people they definitely do not want in their homes. It’s every anti-social co-worker’s nightmare. 

But it’s also led to some beautiful content from the employees stuck at home. Memes are a-flying online as people cope with their new co-workers: their partners, kids, and pets. We’re all going to get through this the best we can, as long as we don’t kill our families in this. 

Kids who love their parents too much

We all know how that famous TV interview went, so there’s no way your Zoom meeting is going to go any better.

The infamous triple chin

Suddenly, we’re all going to be questioning why we don’t do more chin-ups. 

The slacker continues to slack

Being at home is just gonna make the slackers slack even more.

“Mommy wants to watch something other than Frozen 2

Please, we can only take so much of “Into the Unknown” in a day.

It’s a little hard to drive at home

Maybe Uber drivers just play a lot of Mario Kart? For practice?

Who needs makeup off camera?

There’s no reason to get dressed up if you’re only calling each other. 

Jokes on you, essential workers!

All essential workers are currently dreaming of staying home while their bosses are laughing in their face at their attempts. 

“Do the next right thing”

There’s not a whole lot we can do, except try to control what we can in our lives in this out of control world.

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