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Do Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith swing with gay and straight people?

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett are trending topics due to the Oscars controversy, but that incident might be the least controversial of these two. If you live under a rock this is the Academy Awards update for you. Last Sunday, March 27th, Will Smith hit Chris Rock at the Oscars after the comedian publicly made a shady comment on Jada Pinkett’s baldness. 

The actress suffers from alopecia, a condition that makes hair fall out, yet, that isn’t a reason to make her go through aesthetic violence. It’s 2022 and explaining the reasons why doing body-shaming is erroneous & unacceptable is needless. Also, the fact that women are constantly signaled & noticed exclusively on their physical appearance is dehumanizing, reductionist, and reifying.

However, in Hollywood, the land of eternal possibilities, for Pinkett to choose to present herself that way was a political statement on beauty debts. As well as making visible that a health condition shouldn’t make people feel ashamed or less valuable. Cheers on Pinkett, yet, that’s not the only statement she holds, she and her husband Will Smith, are one of the most known polyamorous couples in Hollywood.

Polyamorous & queer?

Hetero-norm means that structurally it’s assumed people are straight, which symbolically erases all queer existences. Yet, this also affects the way we’re allowed to relate to each other. The heterosexual myth only validates cisgender men & women, and these roles handle rules & expectations on their behaviors & value.

But the romantic-heterosexual myth goes further than sexual orientation, reducing all the human possibilities of bonding to the exclusive couple (if married better). Let’s deromanticize marriages and family, keep in mind they were created as an institution to administrate wealth through inheritance. Yes, another gift from capitalism, the illusion of owning stuff & people.

However, non-monogamy has several possibilities, like poly love, open relationships, swingers, and relational anarchy. Definitely, non-monogamy is the next point to demand in movies & T.V. shows after LGBTQ visibility. Nevertheless, even though the big screen lacks relational diversity, some celebrities have made it visible on their own, just like Jada Pinkett & Will Smith. 

In 2005, Will Smith shared in Daily Mail that he & his wife communicated their sexual desires to each other, even if they included someone else. Smith mentioned they don’t deny what’s natural and that’s unavoidable and organic to feel attracted to other people.

Jada Pinkett said in a Huffington Post interview in 2013: “I’ve always told Will, you can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay”. Pinkett also shared that even though she’s Will Smith’s partner, he is his own man and should decide over him and vice versa.

The fact that two public figures share this non-traditional way of bonding somehow allows other people to do it, that’s the power of visibility. Also, having in mind that Hollywood is the land of divorces and hour-lasting marriages, we can agree their marriage has somehow been successful, since 1997. So, it’s a fact these two handle a non-traditional relationship, but, are they gay too?

Is Will Smith gay?

Rumor has it Smith’s relationship with Duane Martin is something else than friendship, however, both of them have strongly denied being gay. The truth is all relationships are valid while they’re honest, also, relationships are something personal & changeable. Maybe Martin & Smith did have a romantic adventure, or maybe they were just friends, either way, that’s fine as long as their partners agree.

Also, in 2016 actress & comedian Alexis Arquette confirmed both Pinkett & Smith to be gay, which was honestly unnecessary. Respect towards someone else’s sexuality also means not dragging them out of the closet if secrecy is what they decide. Hopefully, there’ll be a day where nobody’s sexuality could be gossip material because that would mean we’ll be sexually open as a society.   

Pinkett & Smith’s son Jaden Smith was noticed for his femininity and even appeared to kiss rapper Lil B, he also dated Tyler the Creator. On the other side, Willow Smith confessed to being bisexual at her mother’s program. It looks like the Smith family is pretty open-minded, so if they really are gay and want to keep it far from the public, they should have other motives. 

In 2022, who cares if Will Smith is gay? Maybe we should be talking about the physical violence Smith used against Rock, or about how Pinkett is feeling after that.

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