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We’re not trying to sound salty about sequel fever. We’re all familiar with 'The Matrix' and we all loved 'The Matrix', but that was a different time.

Find out exactly why ‘The Matrix 4’ is not a good idea

Reason 1 why The Matrix 4 is a bad idea: We, as a society, do not need to provide yet more fodder for Reddit users to grossly misunderstand source material and corrupt it into something sexist and weird and horrible.

But apparently that’s not enough to stop the remake/sequel train!

Lana Wachowski is set to write and direct a fourth film set in the world of The Matrix, with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss reprising their roles as Neo and Trinity.

Warner Bros. Picture Group chairman Toby Emmerich made the announcement on Tuesday that Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures will produce and globally distribute the new The Matrix sequel:

“We could not be more excited to be re-entering The Matrix with Lana. Lana is a true visionary – a singular and original creative filmmaker – and we are thrilled that she is writing, directing, and producing this new chapter in The Matrix universe.” 

In addition to Wachowski, the script was also written by Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell. Wachowski is also producing with Grant Hill. Wachowski celebrated The Matrix’s return, claiming many of the ideas it explores are “even more relevant now”.

Warner Bros. has been trying for the last several years to find a way to get back into The Matrix universe – because their options were really only that and the Dark Universe – but a holdup over producing rights slowed the project down. 

Over the past couple of months, the studio saw an opportunity to ramp up development, with Reeves boasting a strong summer that included box office hits John Wick 3 and Toy Story 4, and a script from Wachowski that drummed up excitement. Plot details are currently unknown – as is how the role of Morpheus will be handled, originally played by Laurence Fishburne. Some sources say the role may be recast for a younger take. 

Reason 2: Do we need The Matrix sequel, though? Really need it? 

We’re not trying to sound salty about sequel fever. After all it’s inevitable, much like the War with the Machines. We’re all familiar with The Matrix and we all loved The Matrix, but that was a different time. 

In the 1990s, everyone was walking around in leather jackets discussing how the internet was more than just a machine, man, it was the future. The Matrix fit in perfectly with that time period and shaped the look and design of sci-fi for years to come. But do we really need another allegory about the dangers of technology? We already have that with Westworld, Black Mirror, and Facebook settings. 

The Matrix was released in 1999. It tells the story of Neo (Keanu Reeves), a computer programmer dissatisfied with the world around him, much like the same year’s Office Space (but with more orgies). Neo also moonlights as a hacker, and he learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers. 

The franchise was directed by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and the three previous films, including The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions, have collectively earned more than $1.6 billion at the global box office. All three were written and directed by Lana and her sister, Lilly, and starred Reeves and Moss. The first Matrix held its 20th anniversary this year and has inspired gambling games like spiny bez depozytu.

Reason 3: You still want The Matrix 4 and desperately need to know what we know so far.

Part of the reason The Matrix 4 looks inevitable seems to be tied in directly with “the Keanaissance.” It’s been a banner year for Reeves, who has long been an icon, but emerged in 2019 like a long-haired butterfly with a career peak that includes starring roles in films like John Wick 3, Always Be My Maybe, and Toy Story 4, as well as the forthcoming game Cyberpunk 2077

Reeves was also seen filming the upcoming, highly anticipated third sequel to 1989’s Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The Keanu resurgence has generated one thinkpiece after another, each suggesting a culture enamored of his versatility and enduring career, but even more in love with his likability and relatability.

The Matrix established a permanent link between Reeves and geek culture. His character, Neo, was the ultimate geek fantasy: an obscure office drone who morphs into a badass, leather-clad messiah who learns kung fu without actually having to study kung fu.

Because the Reeves we saw onscreen as Neo was so much like the reticent but philosophical geek we saw offscreen, it was easy, if you were a Matrix fan, to view him as synonymous with his character. Even now, as arguably one of the biggest action stars working today, Reeves gives off the vibe of Neo as a cool university professor. It’s hard not to imagine how he’d approach the role after the twenty-year gap.

The other star of the films, with the matching couples jacket, was actress Carrie-Anne Moss in the role of Trinity. Trinity is Morpheus’s powerful and skilled right-hand woman who helps him guide Neo through his journey. 

A lesser actress might have been pigeonholed by such an iconic role, but since The Matrix, Moss has become a well-regarded actress and lifestyle guru, working to carve out a place for herself not just in Hollywood, but the world at large. Moss is also known  for starring in Memento and Chocolat.

Sister Lana Wachowski is also slated to come back. Wachowski is known for creating Sense8, writing for Jupiter Ascending, and crafting the screenplay for V for Vendetta. 

Reason 4: You can’t fight the inevitable. When is The Matrix 4 airing? 

Production is slated to start toward the end of 2020. To express it in The Matrix terms, remakes and reboots and sequels in Hollywood are a Costco-sized bottle of blue pills that the industry won’t stop forcing on us.

We’d like the red pill instead, please!

Reason 5: Rumor has it The Matrix 5 is also being planned. ‘Nuf said.

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  • I am a huge fan of the trilogy, however i am not happy to hear they try to ressurect something that was supposed to be over . Moresover and i’m not even inclining towards discrimination, the simple fact they had a “gender swap” gives me goosebumps about their potential influence with social justice dogmas that will be pressed on the movies. I just wish i could say NO, fuck off, matrix was wonderful, don’t spoil it.

    April 12, 2020
  • I think everyone’s very nervous with this film. Franchise after franchise is collapsing under woke. If Lana can just stick to the spirit of the original film and the “dezionized” sequel, this film can be as brilliant as the other two.
    In a way, I would have preferred the humans were used for processing power and that Switch truly did switch. This is a huge opportunity that West World (which is garbage) could have capitalised on.
    I’m cautiously optimistic the Matrix 4 will be good. With Reeves and Moss I have trust they’ll do the right thing. Pinkett Smith can be (and should be) left on the cutting room floor.

    August 23, 2020
  • It’s a clever way to upcycle the Matrix trilogy. With them now trying to pander to the militant woke left, claiming the original matrix trilogy was always about trans rights because of the one character, Switch, who switched sex at the beginning of Matrix. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get pumped too full of particular agendas, would hate to see Neo and Trinity end up like one of the CHOP zone snowflakes.

    January 2, 2021
  • Sadly, seems like “woke” is (may be?) their direction. Morpheus is gone.. Niobe is the leader of the resistance now. So it already scores major “Smash the patriarchy!!” point. But rumor has it that TRINITY is actually “the one”.. NOT Neo.
    If that last part is actually true, this movie = unwatchable 🤔

    September 12, 2021

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