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If you're feeling a little overwhelmed these wholesome dog videos will cheer you up in no time. Take a break and laugh with these sweet pets.

Need cheering up? Watch these wholesome dog videos

We’re feeling a little down with everything going on in the world today. Sometimes it gets to be a bit much, ya know? It’s during these times we remember the best thing we have in our lives: our dogs. 🐶

Interaction with dogs has proven to decrease levels of cortisol and lower blood pressure which means dogs help you live longer, ergo dogs are heroes. And for those folks who might be separated from their dog friends, without a pooch at the moment, or tragically afflicted with allergies, we say thank goodness for the internet and the dog parents filming on their phones. For a little pick-me-up, here are some wholesome dog videos.

A generous soul

This ‘lil guy is the best gosh darn host you could hope to come across.

The best present for your best friend

If your dog doesn’t deserve a life-sized Gumby chew toy, we don’t who does!

A wealth of tennis balls

Give a dog a ball and he’ll play for a day. Give a dog 300 balls and step back.

Having a chat with a friend

Doesn’t matter if it’s a dolphin under the sea, a dog will make friends with anyone.

It’s the thought that counts

When you’re over six feet and you pick up your five-foot friend.

Too much cute

Sleepy baby + caring doggo = silently weeping into a blanket.

Just a happy dog

A dog’s philosophy is: you don’t need much to be content, just a big field to run around in.

Friendship in any form

Take a leaf out a dog’s book and look past the differences to make a friend.

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