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Raising the flag: Who will Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate be?

Can you imagine former President Donald Trump picking a rival candidate as his running mate for the 2024 presidential elections? Well, that’s the hot topic that has the political circuit buzzing this week. In a recent Sunday morning interview with Fox News, the ex-President suggested that he might consider teaming up with one of his competitors, making a statement that’s sure to leave tongues wagging.

So who exactly will be his running mate carrying the 2024 flag? Let’s take a look.

Early faves

Trump, who remains a frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2024, tossed out several potential names for running mates during his conversation with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo. He hinted that he’s not averse to partnering with some of his rivals, raising eyebrows and questions about his political strategy.

Prominent among those who received Trump’s nod of approval were the charismatic biotech millionaire Vivek Ramaswamy and the seasoned Senator Tim Scott. “Vivek has done a very good job, frankly,” Trump stated, and regarding Senator Scott, he mused, “I think he’s a very good guy. We did opportunity zones together.”

Further adding to the intrigue, Trump didn’t shy away from offering words of praise for Democrat candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whom he called a “very smart person”. This unusual praise for a contender from the other side of the aisle raised quite a few eyebrows and sparked wild speculation about Trump’s potential running mate.

Trump’s musings about his potential vice-president extended to the potential cabinet as well. He mentioned being impressed by some of his competitors, even going as far to suggest that they might have a place in his administration if he wins a second term.

Upcoming Challenges

But the road to 2024 is fraught with twists and turns. Responding to the buzz, Senator Tim Scott shared on Fox News that his sights are firmly set on the presidential post, and not the second chair. “I did not enter this race to come in second place. Second place is first loser,” he told host Neil Cavuto.

Trump’s offhand remarks even extended to mulling over Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a potential running mate, despite the latter’s controversial statements. RFK Jr. recently claimed that COVID-19 was disproportionately targeting specific races, stirring controversy and catching media attention.

While Trump’s words certainly make for an interesting speculation, the big question remains – will his unconventional strategy win him a second term in office? Will he pick a rival as his running mate or will he stick to a more traditional path? One thing is for sure; the road to the 2024 elections is heating up, and we’re in for a wild ride.

As we look ahead to the first debate on August 23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we’re left with one pressing question: Who will be the one standing next to Trump on the campaign trail? And more importantly, who will raise the 2024 flag of common sense?

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