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The nude truth: Just who *really* bit Beyoncé?

Who bit Beyonce? This is not a metaphoric question but a very real one! In 2018, the entertainment industry was abuzz with news of a mysterious incident that occurred at a star-studded party following the 60th annual Grammy Awards. The incident in question involved the pop icon Beyoncé, who was allegedly bitten by another celebrity attendee, but who is this person?

People have very weird fetishes, and ways of manifesting excitement, especially when it comes to famous people. No doubt why several celebs like John Lennon or Selena ended up how they did. Luckily, Beyoncé’s incident was reduced to a bite, but the question is still open. Why would someone do something like that? And more importantly, who? 

The story was first reported by Tiffany Haddish, a comedian and actress who was in attendance at the party. In an interview with GQ, Haddish recounted the bizarre incident, saying that an unnamed actress had approached Beyoncé and started flirting with Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s husband. According to Haddish, Beyoncé stepped in and told the actress to back off, which seemed to anger the actress!

What happened that night?

Apparently, this had nothing to do with Beyoncé but with Jay-Z, is this another woman fighting over a man? Hopefully not. Anyway,  later in the night, Haddish claimed that the actress approached Beyoncé again, this time allegedly biting her on the face. Haddish was shocked by the incident and asked Beyoncé if she wanted her to confront the actress, but Beyoncé told her to let it go and enjoy the party.

The identity of the actress who allegedly bit Beyoncé quickly became the subject of intense speculation, with fans and media outlets alike trying to solve the mystery. In the days following Haddish’s interview, several names were floated as possible suspects, including actress Sanaa Lathan and model Chrissy Teigen. Naturally, Lathan & Teigen both denied any involvement in the incident. 

Teigen denied it by tweeting that she would never do such a thing and Lathan telling Health magazine that the accusation was “absurd.” Despite the denials from Lathan and Teigen, the mystery of who bit Beyoncé continued to captivate the public’s attention. However, it was never officially confirmed who the culprit was, and Beyoncé herself has never commented publicly on the incident.

Who really bit Beyonce?

In the months that followed, the incident became a cultural touchstone, with “Who bit Beyoncé?” Becoming a popular meme and the subject of numerous jokes and parodies. The incident also sparked discussions about the ways in which Black women are often pitted against each other in the media. The importance of supporting and uplifting one another was also signaled. 

In the end, the identity of the person who allegedly bit Beyoncé may never be known for sure. But the incident remains a fascinating footnote in the history of celebrity gossip and a reminder of the power and intrigue of the entertainment industry. Nonetheless, it would definitely stay as one of the celebrity historical mysteries of all time, just like all the conspiracy around Beyoncé’s pregnancies. 

On the other hand, Tiffany Haddish began to receive VIP invitations to all kinds of celebrity parties! Hosts used to think that if Tiffany went to their events she would report something interesting that would position them in the highest trends. Yet, what they didn’t consider was that aside from the rarity of getting bitten, what made this thing news, was honestly Beyoncé’s name.

This story is funny and fun of morbidity, but maybe it’s finally time to leave it alone for a while, unless Beyoncé decides to open up about it!

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