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Whiteline Productions is here to help bring these new voices to light. Come with us as we get to know the creatives in the team.

Get to know the amazing creatives behind Whiteline Productions

Fresh voices are key to great filmmaking. Telling the same story over and over again does nothing for the industry, and leaves audiences with a bad taste in their mouth. Whiteline Productions, stemming from the Thai word “ไว้ลาย” meaning “to show one’s determination or resilience”, is here to help bring these new voices to light.

Founded by two Thai women, Narissara Thanapreechakul and Panita Chanrasmi-Lefebvre, Whiteline Productions is working to bring immigrant filmmakers from not just Thailand, but around the world, onto American sets. A love of filmmaking is a universal trait, and anyone regardless of their background deserves a chance to live it.

Helping produce fresh stories and videos

By creating this network, Whiteline Productions has produced several projects from up and coming filmmakers, while also giving international crew members a chance to shine on an American production. Most recently, Chanrasmi-Lefebvre produced Walk with Me, directed by Cuban-American Isabel del Rosal. 

Other projects include the music video for “Home” by Bark, the short film Girlhattan, and promotional work for Samsung Thailand, Maybelline New York, and Tacet. Both women have a background in advertising, and got their start in producing through commercial work.

A meeting in destiny

Chanrasmi-Lefebvre has an international school background, and moved straight to New York after high school. Thanapreechakul got her start in Bangkok doing promotional work before moving to New York. But when the two met on the set of Thai rom-com The Moment, it became clear their different backgrounds didn’t matter.

The two stayed in contact after working on the film together, and in 2017, officially formed Whiteline Productions. Thanapreechakul had experience pulling Thai connections in New York, as she ran the non-profit Thai Artists New York to help shine a light on Thai filmmakers. Using their skills, the two worked on their shared mission. 

Why diversity matters

A company like Whiteline Productions is a huge help, especially in the New York film scene, where you can’t walk on a film set unless you know half the people on it. These immigrants know New York is their ticket in, but they need help getting the door open. 

Whiteline Productions is here to help break down the door and form a healthy merger between American filmmakers and those outside of the country. While both are Thai, they’re not afraid to bring in other nationalities and give everyone a fair chance to tell the story they want to on film. They bring the new voices to light the film industry needs.

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