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What is the Cricket X Game?

Another exciting game from a well-known provider gives a lot of interactive drive, drawing you into its storyline. During the game, your chances of success increase if you throw the ball into space. You can see the odds in real time and withdraw your money at any time. But remember that the object can burst at any time, and if this happens, you will lose your bet. You can enjoy a free demo version in Cricket X game by activating it on the casino website.

How to play Cricket X?

It is really easy to play. Anyone can start playing almost immediately after learning the rules of the gameplay. The first and most important thing is to start playing with a trusted online casino and register an account. Next, all you need to do is decide how much you want to bet. To do this, you can place bets from 0.1 to 100. Depending on the desired bankroll and the amount allocated for playing slots, but no more than you are willing to lose in case of failure.

Cricket X rules

To master the slot and become a professional player with successful bet formation, you need to know the basics – and these are the rules of the game. In its concept, the game has simple tasks, the completion of which leads to achievable success. Despite its simple yet attractive design, the main focus of the game is gameplay. To start playing Cricket X online effectively, you need to learn the basic rules of the game:

  • You can place one or two bets at a time;
  • Wait for the game round to enter the game, each round lasts on average 15-30 seconds;
  • As the ball rises higher and higher, the multiplier increases depending on the choice of random number generator;
  • The task is to keep track of the ball, the goal is to have time to press the “Collect” button;
  • The winning amount is calculated based on the multiplier displayed when you click the “Collect” button;
  • The bet amount is multiplied by the coefficient;
  • If the appropriate actions are not completed, the bet is considered lost. For the next participation, it is proposed to make a new bet;
  • The game uses Provably Fair technology, which guarantees unpredictability of the ball’s flight time;
  • All rounds in the game are played in real time and the results are the same for all participants.

Success of the game slot

The game consists of two ingredients for success. Firstly, you need to bet in proportion to your bankroll. And secondly, you must be ready to withdraw your bet in time. Because if you are not in time – there is a risk of losing the entire amount of the bet. You can make both a single bet and an additional bet. For beginners, one bet is the safest and easiest option. Double bets are for players who are used to the game and are ready to take risks.

Cashing out

This is the main part of the game where you need to decide how much amount you are willing to risk. Depending on this, set a multiplier that will determine when to withdraw and how much you can win. The withdrawal mechanics are the same for double bets. You can use the automatic withdrawal feature that is in the game. We will consider this option as well. Also, remember, you can cash out at any time, but only before the ball goes off.

Auto withdrawal

Auto Withdraw can be used for both single and double bets. Beginners can also use this feature. But this feature works best for double bets.

You can set the multiplier, at the time of withdrawal of the bet. That is, set the multiplier – just at X1.35 and you will get X100 up to the upper limit. When the ball reaches the set multiplier, the game automatically withdraws your winnings.

Other features

There is an in-game chat that allows you to communicate with other players. You can also see how much other players are betting and withdrawing on the scoreboard to the right. When you win, your username will also appear there. You can also view your multiplier history on the left side of the interface. From it, you can try to predict the occurrence of a high multiplier. This is most useful for players who like to play the riskiest double bets.

Bonus payouts in Cricket X slot

To succeed in the Cricket X game developed by SmartSoft, press the collect button before the explosion occurs. In this case, you will immediately receive your winnings. If the explosion occurs before, however, you will lose.

The return to the player is between 96.7% and 98.8%. The maximum value can be achieved by choosing the lowest possible return ratio. It automatically takes your winnings if you reach the maximum multiplier of 25000x.

Tips and tricks for playing Cricket X slot

There is no universal strategy for playing Cricket X, but you can use the following tips:

  • Do not chase big winnings, as the probability of a big bang is low;
  • Try to get small wins more often;
  • Set a maximum bet for yourself and don’t exceed it.
  • The key to success is to manage your bets and know when to collect your winnings.

Conclusion of the game

Cricket X is a fun and simple game. It is ideal for both beginners and professionals in slot games. Dynamic gameplay captivates from the first minutes. But remember that all gambling involves financial losses, as well as winnings. The key to winning is to manage your bets and know when to claim your winnings. For those who do not want to lose a lot of money at the very start of the game, but want to understand the rules of the game, the demo version is activated on the official website of the online casino. You can switch to the test game mode by selecting this function.

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