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Here are all the biggest Hollywood nail trends to keep up with not only the Kardashians but your own social circle!

What are the hottest nail trends in Hollywood right now?

Hollywood is just as glittering and glamorous at the tip of a well-manicured finger as it is on the big screen. Last year, celebrity nail designs ratcheted up the style, and the best manicurists became must-follow influencers. What dazzling trends will 2023 bring to your nail salon? Here’s the scoop on this year’s five major Hollywood nail trends.

When we talk chrome in 2023, we don’t mean an all-out disco ball on your fingertips. OPI’s global ambassador, Harriet Westmoreland, points out that chrome’s grown-up version has become the talk of the town. 

The glossy, healthy-looking nails now come from chrome layered over opaque or sheer base shades. Townhouse, the national nail studio, has given a fresh spin on the glazed doughnut nail trend of the past summer with its Dazzling Disco design. Top a milky shade with chrome, and voila, you’re flaunting a glossy, glazed finish.

The trends

A clean girl aesthetic is all the rage this year. A period of intense grooming in lockdown is giving way to minimal manicures that display healthy, buffed nails. Opt for shades like OPI’s Bubble Bath or Love Is In The Bare to hide imperfections and enhance natural beauty. These colors bring out a clean, well-manicured, and healthy look. In 2023, simple is the new classy.

French manicures, which made a comeback last year, are now the style everyone wants. But they have transformed. As Westmoreland explains, 2023 is all about thin and natural French manicures. A barely-there, fine white tip offers a chic, polished look that pairs perfectly with any outfit. Keep an eye out for reverse French tips as well – they’re equally simple and striking as far as Hollywood nails go.

The influencers

How did Tom Bachik, a skateboarder and design fanatic, end up as a world-renowned manicurist for superstars like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Nicola Peltz-Beckham, and Camila Mendes? It’s a journey that began over dinner with his cousin, who was learning to cut hair. 

His cousin’s insight into the beauty industry’s resilience during recession periods sparked an idea: Why not become a manicurist? The 90s were a booming era for nail trends, and Bachik realized his design experience with differentequipment could be a stepping stone into this new path. Bachik quickly discovered that his love for painting and design could have a lucrative future in the world of nails.

The artist

Bachik’s early lessons in design have heavily influenced his approach as a manicurist. Prioritizing the care of the natural nail above all else, he likens a well-cared-for nail to a well-maintained yard, saying it’s a bad look to have a fancy house (nail art) with an untended yard (the natural nail and cuticles). He firmly believes that good nail care is all in the details.

Once he has ensured a nail’s health, Bachik shifts focus to color and art. Before laying down the paint, he carefully considers the nail’s balance with the hand, how it elongates the fingers, and how it enhances elegance. But the fun doesn’t stop there; Bachik also emphasizes the importance of nail art’s composition, dimension, and depth. Nail art, according to him, is the cherry on top – it makes a manicure truly special.


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