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Get ready for the summer with coffin nails! From patterns to colors, use these design ideas to give your hands a new style to show off.

How to Perfectly Wear Your Coffin Nails

The coffin way of styling your nails has become the trendiest and most fashionable way of wearing your nails. The style has achieved the coffin name from its tapered shape and the square ends of doing the nails. The best thing about the coffin nail styling is that it can be done on both natural and acrylic nails.

Having your nails perfectly shaped is one of the ways to be fashionable and to perfectly complete your look. The coffin way of designing your nails can be done on both short and long nails. The following are some of the best ways to wear your coffin nails.

1. Pink Coffin Nail Design

If you would like your nails to stand out, you can try having a pink polish on them. Choose either a matte or a shiny finish depending on your personal preferences. This pink color will give you a very fashionable appearance.

2. Marble Coffin Nails

Give your nails a beach look by combining beige with a blue color. Make a white finishing at the edges for an ocean wave look. This is a perfect way to wear your coffin nails when going for a beach holiday.

3. Stiletto Coffin Design 

You can still wear your stiletto nails without necessarily having them poke you. This is done by simply creating an illusion of stiletto nails using polish. Firstly, paint a clear color on your acrylic or natural nails then make stiletto edges using black nail polish. This is the perfect way of wearing illusion stiletto nails.

4. Jeweled Coffin Nails

Coffin nails do not have to be boring and common. Besides making patterns on them using gel, you can consider gluing in some jewelry. There are many available nail jewelry which is flower-shaped, prints, and even pearls. The addition of jewelry on your nails does not only allow you to stand out but also gives your nails a classic appearance.

coffin nails

5. Black and White Coffin Nail Design 

This is one of the simplest ways of wearing your coffin nails. Paint the tips of your nails using black and white nail polish. Ensure that the back line polishes are thin for a better look.

6. Short Coffin Nails

As stated earlier, the coffin design of shaping your nails can be done on both short and long nails. Short nails give you a more natural and simple appearance. Ensure that your nails are of a medium length before flattening the edge for a coffin look.

7. Birthday Coffin Nails

If you are looking for a perfect way to style your nails for your upcoming birthday celebration, firstly ensure that the nails are of your desired length. Paint them with the desired nail polish and you can make designs that might symbolize the year you were born. You can even make decorations for your horoscope.

8. Glittered Coffin Nail Design 

The addition of glitters to your nails can be a perfect way to wear your coffin nails. Apply glitter nail polish after shaping your nails in the coffin design. This will give you a perfect look for a weekend out.

coffin nails

9. Halloween Coffin Nail Design

Having your nails designed in the Halloween theme is a good way of getting in the mood for the celebration. The best colors for this nail design are a combination of black, white, and orange.

10. Pastel Coffin Nails

A pastel design is achieved by combining blue and yellow colors with a little bit of mauve. It is a perfect design for medium-length nails because it gives them an outstanding bold look.

11. Monochrome Coffin Design 

This design of wearing your coffin nails allows you to be creative with how you wear your nails. The art is usually done using a dotting pin in the manicure box and the nail is polished with different shades of green color.

12. Designer Coffin Style 

This way of designing coffin nails is done such that the color patterns which are pink and orange resemble the Burberry design label. It is a great look if you want a head-turning nail design that truly sets you apart.

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