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Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Here are some of the most overlooked aspects of planning to consider.

Wedding planning 101: Most Overlooked Parts of Weddings

It’s literally a fact that goes without mentioning that there are a million and one things to do when planning weddings. Therefore, it is, actually, not a surprise to forget one thing here and there when planning for this big day of walking the love of your life down the aisle. In other words, planning for a wedding is not a walk in the park, however cliché that might sound.

It can be really overwhelming, especially when handled by hands that are not experienced with wedding décor rentals, backdrop draping and Michigan uplighting. It is great to appreciate the reality that wedding planning is a full-time profession that should be handled by people who are trained in that field.

That is, mainly, because there are so many things and people to coordinate and if one thing is not done the right way and at the right time, the impact might be big to bear. For instance, there are quite a number of logistics and vendors to manage and the more reason why some things get overlooked here and there. But we’ve compiled a list of things that are mostly overlooked in wedding planning to help you get the best experience on your big day. from the dress to deluxe wedding invitations.

Having that first-contact person

Picking, from among your most trusted people, a first-contact person can save you such a hassle on your big day! No doubt about that. This person comes in handy especially when dealing with vendors. Remember, it is really not a good scene of you running up and down on your wedding day trying to fix things, particularly to vendors, who, at times, can miscommunicate on deliverables and exactly what you ordered. Relieve yourself of that stress by getting someone you can bank on to take care of that. It can be a family member, a close friend or even a member of your wedding planning committee. Remember you can always weigh in when critical decisions need to be made.

Getting those extra seats, just in case

You might be working with a specific number of invited guests. We recommend adding a few extra seats just in case an invited guest shows up with their ‘plus one’. A lot of people find themselves at this mess in wedding planning. Wedding planning experts advise that it will not harm to have a few more extra seats to take care of any scenario of more people showing up at a wedding than invited. Pro tip: If you’re short chairs or tables, you may want to check out a chair rental company to get a few more – pretty easy and affordable.

Post-reception transportation

This mainly touches on the bridal party because the transportation of both the bride, groom and bridal party is usually care of. At times, guests and worse still the bridal party, find themselves lost in terms of post-reception transport in the unlikely event that they’re not driving their own cars or had one to many drinks. Many people forget to take care of this aspect when planning their weddings and you, certainly, don’t want to make the same mistake, right? Get that sorted by hiring a limo transportation company who will make sure that everybody gets to their destination after your wedding reception.

Confirming whether invited guests have any food allergies

In most cases, especially when sending out invitations, lots of people don’t care to know if the people they’re inviting to their weddings suffer from any food allergies. Make sure you have a list of guests who are vegetarians or have any sort of food allergies.

Ordering meals for the vendors

When putting things together for any wedding, the worst mistake you actually do is forgetting to order meals for the vendors . Make sure your vendors are included in the head count. Just talk to your caterer to make sure that they make enough food to serve everybody. Your vendors work many hours and will appreciate the kind gesture. Also if you designate a vendor table this also creates an opportunity for vendors to discuss upcoming timeline formalities after the meal.

Making a list of do-not-playlist for the DJ

You’ve taken the time to plan every detail. You also need to give your DJ entertainment a list of music choices that reflect your personality. Without this knowledge your entertainer will read the audience without taking your preferences into consideration. It has happened before in many weddings and don’t be among that statistics. Have a list of songs for your cocktail hour, important formalities and even song dance requests. Also remember to make a Do Not Play list.

Not getting professional event lighting

You, certainly, want your wedding to look great, right? Then, why would you overlook hiring a professional equipment rental vendor to help light at your wedding? You, definitely, don’t want to do that. There’s a specific aesthetics aspect that professional lighting like that of uplighting rental in Detroit adds to any wedding, something which you cannot afford to miss at all cost. It will, really, not cost you a leg and an arm. Professional wedding lighting, undoubtedly, sets the vibe and mood for your whole event.

There you go! Just follow this simple but important guide. We guarantee beyond any reasonable doubt, you will have a great wedding. Congratulations!

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