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Stand up comedy is a one-of-a-kind experience. Here are some reasons why you should check out stand up shows.

Why Should You Watch Stand Up Shows

Laughter is the best medicine available out there for any kind of problem. Even if it doesn’t give you the solution, it surely does give you the courage to face it, fight it, and eventually get through it. Watching live comedy shows is way better than reading jokes or watching a comedy film. The stand-up comedians keep entertaining people with their funny short jokes that make you laugh like crazy. Visiting comedy clubs or watching stand-up shows must be done frequently as it has uncountable benefits. 

It Helps You to Relieve Stress

Comedy works as a stress-buster as it makes you relaxed and happy. It makes you laugh and forget about all the tension. Many studies have shown that comedy is a scientific and a healthy way of releasing all your negative emotions. Instead of releasing all your pent-up stress and frustration in the form of destructive behaviors, you can always turn to comedy for freeing yourself of all the frustration and stress.

It Helps You to Reduce Your Blood Pressure

An evening full of laughter and giggles helps to boost your respiratory rate and heart rate. Then your body tends to decrease the respiratory rate and the heart rate in a slow and steady pace, thereby reducing your blood pressure. 

It Helps in Burning Calories and Relaxing the Muscles

Watching stand-up comedy shows helps to relax and soothe your muscles. You laugh your brains out hearing the funny jokes and the atmosphere there makes it even funnier. It increases your oxygen flow and also helps you to release muscle tension. As a result, along with some pure entertainment, you get rid of that aching body of yours too. Laughter stimulates physical activity and therefore it also burns some of your calories. 

It Helps in Stimulating the Brain

Apart from giving you a break from your tiresome and busy life, humor is also known for stimulating your brain and engaging it in a funny discourse. These comical skits are known for triggering your emotional perception, movement, and cognition. So, watching stand-up comedy shows account for quite a complex activity that is delivered to you in bite-sized and fun nuggets.

It Strengthens Your Immune System

Some studies have indicated that laughter is responsible for boosting immune cells and for increasing the number of infection-fighting antibodies in your body. On the other hand, laughter induces positive feelings and thoughts in your brain. This results in the increase in release of the neuropeptides. Neuropeptides help you to fight stress and illness. So, apart from cheering you up, comedy shows also offer you better health!

It Helps in Building Relationships

There is no better way of building or strengthening relationships than watching comedy shows together. Watching comedy shows might be fun, but it is even funnier if you do it along with the ones you love. When you sit with your loved ones and watch comedy shows, you laugh at the same jokes, smile at each other, and the bond automatically grows strong. After all, what is better than sharing laughter? 

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