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Grind Your Sorrows Away

In the perpetual ritual of staying home and keeping a safe distance from every other living soul, gaming has to be one of the best cures from sadness and the feeling of being disconnected and lonely. At any other time, when the world wasn’t so crazy, people would see gaming as just another way of socializing and keeping up with the trends. Today, for some of us, games are the only means of staying sane and keeping social anxiety in check.

But what happens when games become prisons and, instead of giving us positive experiences, force us into mindless labour? The argument that video games are made for fun and that no game should developers should put up artificial roadblocks slowing down the progress for gamers isn’t new. But the negative impact that it has on everyone who plays games has become a serious issue in the world we live in today.

This is an issue that’s related to online games. The more popular the title, the heavier it hits when you’re not doing well in them. And we now might have more free time to spend on games progressing through them faster. However, we’re still stuck performing some tedious, repetitive, and absolutely senseless work, also known as the grind. Say you have a game that offers you lots of different game modes, each of which features its own progression system and, undoubtedly, its own collection of unique rewards.

Now, imagine one of the rewards from a game mode that you haven’t played has caught your eye. The one that’s rewarded to the best of players in that game mode. You’ve set yourself a goal to get it. The only question now is – will you stick to your plan long enough to see it through?

Make it Go Away, We Can!

Controversially, the term of grind is often used as an overly simplified way of describing the gameplay of any MMO. That’s how you know that this is the curse of all games where we are given the ability to meet up with our friends and spend time together. Be outside while staying inside.

The inevitable grind may introduce anxiety back into our lives, and the lack of skill in the more competitive game modes will bring us nothing better. This is why this is so good to know that you can just order a carry service, and a bunch of very skilled players will just get you what you need without you having to spend weeks or months of hard work.

There’s absolutely no reason to suffer from the desire of devs to make a quick buck by introducing you to the many completely unnecessary and pointless limitations of their games. Don’t let them hold you back. This is not a good time to feel depressed because of some business decision!

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