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Voltzy Solar Power Bank is a device that can charge multiple electronics at once. Find out whether its right for you with these reviews.

Voltzy Solar Power Bank Reviews – The Best Portable Solar Battery Charger

Voltzy has been regarded as a powerful solar power bank that can charge multiple devices at once, including iPhone, iPad, Tablet, e-Reader, Kindle book. It’s currently available at absolute steal prices as an ongoing promotion that one should not miss.

Life nowadays is on the go. It is important to be fast and efficient as problems may occur anytime and emergencies don’t see time and situations and they just come. It is important to be prepared for every forthcoming situation itself. We live in a world where everything and pretty much anything is done on Smartphones and it is important to save up the juice in order to run these smartphone devices. 

When we are traveling, we need to listen to music, watch online videos, stream our vlogs live sometimes, make videos of things, especially if one is a vlogger, like food vlogger, travel vlogger and need content they’d need their smartphones with enough battery to film and record everything that comes in their sight and for other purposes like sharing multimedia etc. We study on our devices nowadays and all our conferences are done on the video calling apps. Most of the time our battery runs out while on the go and some people carry power banks; many people don’t carry power banks and in case of emergency they cannot rely on anything and might be helpless as they cannot contact anyone. 

Now, wouldn’t it be good if there was an assistance that could juice up our battery as soon as possible and it doesn’t require much hassle? Without the need of wires and has a lot to offer as a power bank? Well, there might be something that interests a lot of people who spend a lot of their time on foot and might need a buddy that juices up their battery all day long. This accessory is very feasible and multi-purpose and it has very amazing features that are absolutely amazing. Let’s analyze this solar charger in depth below in the Voltzy Review. 

What is Voltzy?

Voltzy is a solar-powered power bank which has built-in solar panels and solar cells in order to gain solar energy and convert into electrical energy so that it can provide electricity or charge devices it is connected with. 

This power bank is very unique and very futuristic because a solar powered power bank is something that is new and that can save a lot of energy and many won’t have to rely on electrical plugs or even normal power banks. This is because solar energy powered banks never run out of juice because the sun is a renewable source of energy so the power bank can easily gain solar energy again and it can easily charge the device without the need of electricity. It does have the option to charge with electricity too which shows that it is adjustable and made to be flexible for any kind of energy source to charge. 

It also comes with an external solar panel that when attached with wire can easily absorb solar energy and produce electricity in order to charge the device. It can charge any device so it has a diverse range of compatibility which is good because it can help a lot of users with low battery troubles. iOS devices, Android smartphones etc. can charge through this phone no matter the model or company. It charges any device. It is almost a universal power bank. It has LED indicators on the device which show the charging status of the device whether it has started charging or is about to charge. 

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Importantly, it is also a rubber covered IP67 waterproof device so when the person takes it near lakes or water covered areas and the device falls in the water or is exposed to moisture then it wouldn’t damage the power bank. If a person dropped it on the hard floor? The shock resistant cover will not let any damage happen to the device due to shock absorption. It has a rugged body which already makes it easier to be used in a rough and tough lifestyle. 

Features and Components of Voltzy

  • It has 3 ports so that it can charge two devices at one. Two ports for charging two devices, one for an electricity power source. 
  • It has solar cells installed in it so that it can absorb solar energy to charge the devices connected to it. 
  • It has a shock absorbent rubber cover so that the vibrations from the fall on the hard concrete floor does not damage the device from waves and vibrations. 
  • It is an IP67 Water Resistant device that protects the device with water damage. 
  • It has a rugged body for rough and tough usage. 
  • Not only is it waterproof but also is dust proof and is rain proof which is an additional benefit to water resistance. 
  • It has LED indicators to help in telling the status of the charging of the Voltzy power bank 
  • It comes with a charging cable that allows it to take power from external solar panels if one has no access to electricity outdoors and can keep the device outside. The individual can easily plug the Voltzy power bank to an external solar panel and let it charge. 
  • It also comes with a certificate of warranty of the device. 
  • It also comes with single lock carabiners and double lock carabiners. 
  • Single lock carabiners are to hold the device with hand and connect the device with the one-sided lock.
  • Double Lock Carabiners are for locking Voltzy power bank and a piece of clothing or any other accessory with each other two locks connect Voltzy with another hook. It allows security as well as it allows the power bank to get maximum solar energy to charge the power bank. 
  • The solar power bank comes with the battery of capacity of 8000 mAh battery and those charges two devices from 0 percent to 100 at same time. 
  • The LED Flashlight option allows users to signal for help especially in the dark. When the flashlight button is pressed twice it signals responders to come for the user’s help. 

How is it different from other products in the market?

There are many power banks available in the market, but they are not as unique as Voltzy solar energy powered power banks. Voltzy solar energy powered power banks have a rugged body and a sturdy build which makes it a different power bank then those flimsy and plastic made power banks that do not give enough battery time for charging the devices. Those power banks are easily perishable and breakable which is very common but Voltzy is different from such devices. This power bank has strong rubber casing with shock absorption ability which is not found in other power banks available in the market. 

Voltzy uses a renewable source of energy which is sunlight or any sort of light to charge the device which means that at day time it can use sunlight and at night it can use any artificial light to charge the devices. In addition to that it also uses an electrical source to charge the power bank it also has the option of an external solar panel which gives the user a range of sources to charge the device from and allows feasibility to the user and gives a range of options to choose from according to the situation. This type of ability, options, feasibility and diversity is not found in any device. They only power through electrical sources which confines their options. 

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Plus, this device is IP67 waterproof, dust resistant and rainproof that protects the device. Other power banks lack this ability which makes it different from other power banks. Due to its easy portability, it can be carried anywhere so it can be used while camping or while an individual is outside using it while travelling or walking etc. It also has an option of LED emergency light for emergencies which is quite a feature other power banks lack. It comes in the users’ affordability range which is what something power banks don’t come with. 

How does Voltzy Power Bank Work?

The working of this power bank is scientific and easy and it sums up the working of the device. 

The solar panel is made up of solar cells which are made up of silicon. These cells as soon as they are hit with the sunlight, (which are actually photons which are electromagnetic waves which excite electrons) the two layers of positive and negative electrodes due to higher kinetic energy release extra electrons that have a high exciting stage. This electron passes in large quantities through these electrodes through the wires, this electron that has been released is the current which is the electrical energy that charges the device. This then passes through an inverter which makes the current suitable for the charging devices, mostly the current produced is Direct Current and it is converted into Alternating current which is the type of current home appliances use. 

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Benefits of Voltzy Power Bank

  • It has a Wireless source of energy, although it uses wire to charge devices nevertheless it doesn’t require much to charge itself. 
  • It is very effortless and has variety of options which, makes it adaptable for any situation
  • It can help in very urgent and emergency situations.
  • It allows the individual to use it anywhere, in a desert dry place that is dusty or which is full of water or where there is a lot of rain. 
  • It allows users to charge two devices. 
  • It is portable and can be carried anywhere. 
  • It is much easier to charge than a traditional power bank. 
  • It has an external solar panel for extra help and provides a range of options again. 
  • It has a very reasonable price tag. 
  • It saves a lot of time. 
  • It helps revert an emergency situation allowing easy communication because of having a variety of options in case charging is extremely low and close to shutting off.

Buying Voltzy – What You Will Get?

Voltzy Solar Power Bank Price

The Voltzy solar energy powered power bank is only available at the website they do not have any other website or a physical store the payment can only be made online through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. There is a $20 off while purchasing giving $ 20 off on the overall price of the device. 

  • 1 Voltzy Solar energy powered power bank: $ 49.95, but with $ 20 off it is now available at the price of just $ 29.95
  • 2 Voltzy Solar energy powered power banks: $ 99.90, but with $ 40 off it is now available at the price of just $ 59.90
  • 1 Voltzy Solar energy powered power banks (Buy 2 Get 2 Free): $ 199.80, but with 50% off on this deal it is now available at the price of just $ 99.90

It has no shipment fee for any deal. It also comes with a 3-year extended warranty which has protection and replacement plans on all devices. It is priced at $ 19.95. External solar panel for Voltzy is also available for $ 19.95. 

After selecting the deal as per one’s interest, proceed to the checkout page and enter billing and shipping details to continue the order and make payment. Before that read their policies of refund and shipment right under the purchase. 

Voltzy Customer Reviews

Voltzy has some really positive customer reviews:

Refund Policy

The money will be refunded if the device is faulty or has manufacturing default. The device needs to be in a proper condition in a proper packaging and the shipment payment is on the buyers. There is a free replacement offer on devices that are defective. The refund time is 30 days and the refund will be made 5 days after the receiving of the faulty device. 

Voltzy Solar Charger Reviews – Does it Really Work?

The thoughts on this device are very exciting because this is a new kind of power bank that is very unique and very practical with a lot of potential. It is a powerful device which can charge devices 2 at a time. It is also protected and has a refund option so it got the purchaser covered. It can be a good purchase as it is an all-rounder product when it comes to power banks for tablets and smartphones. 

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