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The Visionary Filmmakers Showcase saw great success with a bright future ahead with its film festival. Here's what you should know.

Why the Visionary Filmmakers Showcase should be on your list

Sure, film festivals are great, but it’s hard to slog through the collection to find the ones that fit with your filmmaking style. Then on top of that, those festivals only happen once a year. You have to wait another full year to even get a chance to go back to those festivals. 

The Film Festival Doctor is looking to change the way up and coming filmmakers show off their work. If you’re an LA-based filmmaker, you can sign up for their Visionary Filmmakers Showcase, a monthly event for filmmakers to show off their latest projects. 

Hosting its first event in March 2020, the Visionary Filmmakers Showcase saw great success with a bright future ahead. If you’re looking to get in on the ground level, there’s plenty to look forward to with this new event. 

A monthly showcase, not yearly

Well, not monthly right now thanks to COVID-19, but when the Visionary Filmmakers Showcase returns in June, it will become a monthly event for filmmakers to present their work. No more waiting 6 months for a festival or having to wait each year for said festival to return.

The Film Festival Doctor wants to change the game in terms of people showing off their work to a proper audience. It still serves the same purpose as a festival, allowing filmmakers and industry professionals to mingle and find their new favorite auteur. The Visionary Filmmakers Showcase just happens more often. 

Still prizes available

A full on grand prize won’t await you, but the short films in the showcase are all up to grab the Audience Award. Not a bad way to feel the love for your film. Even if you don’t become the fan favorite of the night, just entering the festival gets you a discount for The Film Festival Doctor’s services. 

Considering that means a discount on a film festival strategy consultancy, managing your film festival strategy and representing your film at festivals, that’s not a bad prize for entering. And if your film is selected, the discount grows even bigger.

Reasonably priced

As with any festival or showcase, the earlier you submit your project, the better. But even the late entry fee isn’t too expensive. No matter if you’re submitting an animated short, live action, student film, or music video, you’re paying at most $44.88 for entry.

So if you’re looking for a new way to show off your film without waiting until the nearest film festival comes to town, submit your work into the Visionary Filmmakers Showcase. They’ll be accepting entries on FilmFreeway until June 5th!

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