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Technology has made our lives so much easier through communication & connectivity tools. Here are some interesting virtual reality sex ideas.

Lockdown got you horny? The most interesting virtual reality sex ideas

Since the pandemic & the lockdown began, conflicting reports about how this impacts people’s sex drives have been surfacing. The truth is that the impact of the lockdown is different on each person – and so is its impact on their sex drives. Some people might feel hornier, while for others, their sex drives might be falling flaccid. 

Reams of psychological research will tell you that our yearning for touch, physical intimacy, our sexual interest, and desire might reach unprecedented levels. So, if you belong to this category, you’re not alone. There are many others, masturbating, like it’s the end of the world. 

What if we told you there was an alternative to this?

After all, technology has made our lives so much easier through communication & connectivity tools. It’s one of the reasons we’re functioning through the pandemic. It’s only justified to ask then– how can technology serve our sexual needs? Turns out, it can.

What comes to your mind when you think of solo sex? Of course, you’ll think of masturbation, but beyond that, the act itself carries a lot – the foreplay, for starters. How do you get turned on? For some people erotic fiction would do the trick, for other porn sites will be the sacred refuge. Sex toys are selling like hot cakes, too.

But in 2020, shouldn’t we be asking for more? How about all these elements in one offer? The whole package? And not just cyber flirting or sexting to get you in the mood. Instead, think of something more tangible.


Technology at our rescue

Technology has much more to offer than just Zoom calls. We’re talking about teledildonic devices. These are internet-connected sex toys that can help you & your partner get into it through a mobile app. Think Katherine Heigl’s character in Ugly Truth orgasming in the middle of a restaurant owing to a vibrator, only this experience will be a notch more immersive.

VR sex . . . like in Upload

In Amazon’s sci-fi series Upload, you’re allowed to choose between death & a fabricated afterlife. You’re technically dead, but you can still communicate with those alive. If your mind is driven to think if that includes sexual contact, the answer is yes. 

The person on earth has to wear what’s called a sex suit. In your afterlife city, it’ll still feel like you’re having sex with the actual person – even though it’s clearly a hologram – and that’s the principle at play. You’re stuck alone, in lockdown, asked to physically distance. Interactive VR sex is no longer a fantasy or sci-fi trope. It’s here & how. 

Called Titan by KIIROO, your savior brings – for the first time ever –a four-dimensional experience of virtual porn. It’s essentially a vibrating stroker with touch-sensitive technology, so that you can get the real feel of sex & optimize your climax. Technology can now take care of your orgasms. Why we’re comparing it to the sex from Upload is due to its eery similarity. 

Titan by KIIROO comes with an in-built connectivity feature. What this means is that you & your sexual partner can connect your devices – in real time, you can feel everything they do & vice versa. Your partner can be in control of the speed or intensity, which essentially means that the surprise factor of sex stays, while at the same time your orgasms are fulfilling. The pros of sex are all here, the cons are gone. 

On similar lines, there are devices like Vstroker & the Auto-Blow2 that also bring the major upside of connectivity. The VR film can sync the actions with the visuals for an enhanced immersive experience, fulfilling the body’s touch thirst as well as the arousal that comes with foreplay.

With these devices, even if you don’t have a partner, a repository of VR porn videos can help you reach the sweet spot.

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