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Nothing beats live sports on TV. With everyone stuck inside, we have decided to compile the best viral sports clips.

Missing sports on TV? Check out these viral sports clips

This time of year should be exciting for sports fans. Baseball opening day would be coming, hockey would be in the playoffs, and basketball March Madness would have a lot of people pissed about broken brackets. But sports on TV are gone, and the world seems a lot emptier. Thanks, coronavirus. 

Nothing beats live sports on TV. The thrill of the underdog taking it all, amazing outputs of teamwork, and just stunning feats of human strength and ability await sports fans every day. But just because there’s nothing sports-themed on TV now doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to watch.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen some insane sports moments across all sports. While we won’t be able to see crazy moments like the second half of the 2017 Super Bowl, or the Chicago Cubs breaking a 100-year-old curse anytime soon, we can relive moments like these and more. 

Stefan Diggs performs the “Minneapolis Miracle”

As any football fan can tell you, the 2017 playoff season was historic. Teams left and right were getting wins, and outside of the Patriots, all teams playing in the AFC and NFC championships had a shot at their first Super Bowl victory. While the Eagles historically managed to take down the Patriots, that’s not the moment people remember.

What they remember is with 10 seconds left, in a move that seemed like a dream, wide receiver Stefan Diggs took a 61-yard run to the end zone just as the clock ran out. With the score at 23-24, that touchdown gave the Minnesota Vikings a 29-24 win, taking them to the NFC championship game. This is what live sports on TV is about. 

The longest tennis match of all time

You got an extra 11 hours to spare? Because you’re going to need it for this 2010 match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. Wimbleton literally had to change the rules for fifth-set tie breakers because of this match. 

While Isner managed to take the win, that doesn’t make their game any less impressive. But it does have you wondering how a game of tennis that lasted 3 days is at all interesting. We promise it is.

Carli Lloyd hat-tricking for the win in the Women’s World Cup

The USA Women’s soccer team had a bone to pick with Japan after losing in 2010 during the final World Cup game. The two teams faced off again in the long-awaited 2015 championship. Within the first 16 minutes, it was clear the women of this team were coming in to win. 

Of course, most of this was in part to Carli Lloyd, who made history getting a hat trick in only 16 minutes of play. Considering the first goal came within three minutes of the first half, it’s no surprise she got her hat trick quickly. The early three-point lead put the USA women on the board, and scored them the win to become the 2015 World Cup champions. 

Derek Jeter ends his lifelong career with the game-winning walk-off single

Already, this hit was an emotional moment. After spending what felt like a lifetime with the Yankees, 20 years later, it was time to retire. But with such a legendary career, it’s no surprise there was one more treat up Jeter’s sleeve for fans. 

The shortstop was up to bat for the last time at home in Yankee Stadium against the Baltimore Orioles. With one swing, Jeter scored himself a walk-off single that put the team 6-5 in the final inning, ending his last game at home on a sweet, sweet note. The fans at home and at the stadium definitely gave him a standing ovation after that. 

Simone Biles brings the gymnastics world to her knees in Rio

The USA’s gymnastics teams always have killer stars. But the force of Simone Biles during the Rio 2016 games was something new. Watching her help bring the team gold during the team event was insane. But then, we get to her individual events.

Taking home gold in the all-around, floor, and vault events, and a bronze in the balance beam, Biles walked away from the most decorated gymnast from the 2016 summer games. Her routines are so flawless, you have to watch them believe. We know we can’t wait to see her in 2021 in Tokyo, assuming sports on TV return by then.

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