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'Vanderpump Rules' stars Stassi Schroeder & Scheana Shay have a long history of backstabbing. Here's some insight on their latest feud.

‘Vanderpump Rules’: Are Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Shay at war?

Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder & Scheana Shay have a long history of fights, apologies, and supposed backstabbing. It looks like they’re on the outs with one another again after Scheana Shay’s latest feud with mom-to-be and fellow cast member, Lala Kent.

Kent & Shay’s fight escalated when people noticed Schroeder & Shay unfollowed each other on Instagram, showing that Schroeder obviously picked a side. After, Shay took to her podcast, Scheananigans With Scheana Shay, to voice why she felt burned by Kent after not getting invited to her gender-reveal party. Schroeder then revealed some opinions of her own about Shay. 

Gender-reveal party drama

According to a source close to the reality stars, they told HollywoodLife that Shay’s friendship with Kent is beyond repair, and with what was viciously said on the podcast, there may be no apologies for a long period of time. 

“Lala is all for herself and that it’s all about Lala, her world, and her life,” the source said. “Scheana feels Lala used her in the beginning of the show when nobody liked [Lala] or welcomed her into their circle of friends. Scheana stood by Lala when no one else did, and she feels Lala has forgotten that and hasn’t been a true friend to her.”

In response to Shay’s claims, Kent didn’t stay quiet and took to Instagram Stories to give her statement. According to her, she didn’t say Shay was entirely wrong, but that she’s missing an important detail from this whole ordeal. 

“She would focus on me ‘not being there for her’ than the fact that [Brock] said he was working, turned his phone off, and went golfing that day. Weird how that was glazed over,” she stated. “This is why her relationships are always a train wreck that make epic TV.” 

Neither Kent nor Shay is going to let the argument go now that Kent’s involved Shay’s husband, Brock Davies. It’s difficult to gauge how this feud even began. 

Stassi picked sides

Schroeder is not one to stand back quietly, which has led the public to think that she is standing firm beside Kent. At the moment, there isn’t enough information regarding what Schroeder knows about the claims coming from both parties.

Despite having their close moments, Schroeder & Shay have also had their fair share of fights – often displayed for the entire world on Vanderpump Rules

During the season 3 reunion special, Shay called Schroeder a “hypocrite” for leaving friend & cast member Katie Maloney behind for Kristen Doute. Schroeder fought back and claimed that she hated Shay because she spread around the news of Schroeder’s alleged explicit video.

To defend herself, Shay confessed she watched the video but did it “to see what this whole thing was, so I knew if he tried to do something with it. You think I wasn’t going to have your back? You think I would have tried to help that come out?”

Between both parties, there have also been countless instances of cattiness & petty comments that made for entertaining television, but also made it seem as if they could never be actual friends. For Schroeder & Shay, this may just be another day of drama that will soon pass.

Still unclear

For now, it’s still not completely clear as to why Schroeder became involved in the fight between Kent & Shay or why she chose sides. It’s also important to remember that she may not be choosing sides at all and just wants out of the drama while she & husband, Beau Clark, prepare for parenthood. 

This turn of events also isn’t new for Shay as her habit of stirring up the pot has led her on the outside, having to look in more than once. As time goes on, this fight will probably fizzle as all the others have – but it still makes for great pandemic drama.

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