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We like to think of ourselves as experts on all things from 'The Untamed', and the memes we found, specifically of Xiao Zhan, are absolutely priceless.

‘The Untamed’: The very best Xiao Zhan memes ever

Our obsession with The Untamed knows no limits. Hours of scrolling, googling, and of course, re-watching the series has led us to some pretty insightful, and hilarious finds on the world wide web. Fans have dedicated blogs, videos, and of course, memes to the c-drama, which has become a global sensation. 

While we like to think of ourselves as almost experts on all things Untamed, the memes we found, specifically of Xiao Zhan, who plays Wei Wuxian, are absolutely priceless. We’re sending some serious kudos to whoever made them. We’ve compiled a list of some of the funniest Xiao Zhan memes on the internet. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

All of us on the internet

If this meme doesn’t describe us, we don’t know what will. Who can’t relate?

Stop spanking me

You don’t have to know the concept of this meme to fall out of your chair laughing. 

Bernie meme

We are so here for all of these Bernie “financial support” memes, and this Wei Wuxian gem is no exception. 


In an interview, Xiao Zhan revealed that one scene was filmed with him holding a sausage. We’ll just let that sit with you for a while. 

Careless Whisper

We love it when Wei Wuxian plays the flute, and this meme had us in stitches picturing this scenario. 

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  • We love Wei, Lajah, and both very talented actors. You both brought life to the characters and made everyone yr fan globally.

    February 15, 2020
  • 5 months after The Untamed, still searching everything that relates to Xiao Zhan, everyday!

    February 15, 2020
  • Hi, I’m also a big fan of Sean Xiao..I became a big fan of him ever since I’ve watched the very drama “The Untamed”..To tell you the truth I became a very big fan and was attracted to him at his first sight so if I and you were attracted towards him by his first sight I am sure that he is a bad person or a bad actor ,so if u don’t like him you don’t need to waste your time here browsing his news…And yah nobody is so perfect to reach all your expectations so you don’t need to feel or change yourself for the sake of others..I love the way you are so Just Be Who You Are.. Even though people are disliking you or condemning you and throwing out bad comments on you , I will always support you with full of love and with all I can ….Last but not the least,I would like to say that nobody is perfect so nobody is fit or suitable to judge him…I pray that millions of people see only your good deeds and cherish you and love you and give their full support with pure heart..So I wish you the Best Of Luck for all your upcoming activities…. Always Stay healthy,Stay happy,Stay blessed and Stay secured…With lots of love from your biggest fan… Earnestly waiting for your upcoming activities and dramas…Thank you…

    November 12, 2020

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