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Sometimes you have to step away from the keyboard and say yes to some fresh air. Here’s a few memes to show you that you’re not alone in the struggle.

Sick of typing? These memes are the best way to say yes on quarantine

Let’s face it, the only contact anyone’s getting nowadays is the touch of fingertips to keyboards. Our computers have become our best friends, our confidants, and in some twisted way, our mortal enemies. It’s tough to remember a time when we weren’t hunched over our laptop screens, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. 

Sometimes you have to step away from the keyboard and get some fresh air. Yes, we all know we’ll have to come back to the computer eventually whether it’s to go to work, look up memes to get you through the day, or to online shop your way into oblivion. 

Speaking of memes, here’s a few to show you that you’re not alone in the struggle. 

Some real first world problems

Then there are the real mavericks who don’t get out of bed at all. 

It’s been rough 

It’s not that napping, snacking, and Netflix binging isn’t great, it’s just that we feel as though we haven’t earned it. 

Stop looking at me like that

It’s hard enough working from home when your cats aren’t making you feel guilty for neglecting them. 

How dare you?

On top of it all now your keyboard’s started bullying you. 

Just resting my eyes

We’re ten feet away from our beds and we still can’t nap at work? 

That smug smile

Forget robots, now they’re getting dogs to do our jobs. 

Notice anything?

No one said you couldn’t feng shui your keyboard. 

IT assistance

Luckily there are resources to turn to so you can still do your job when your brain turns to mush. 

Good night

It’s nap-time somewhere.

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