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The Trump Campaign held a press conference today in Philadelphia at a, unique location to say the least. Here's the best memes about it.

Trump’s press conference location today: Enjoy the dankest memes

The 2020 U.S. Presidential election has been absolutely bonkers from start to finish. Regardless who you voted for, we’re all just thankful it’s finally coming to a close. As the ballots were finishing their counts Saturday, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump set up press conferences near Philadelphia, one of the last key cities counting votes. 

But unlike Biden, who set up his stage in front of the Chase Center in Wilmington, DE, Trump’s team set their press conference today up at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. By Four Seasons, we mean the Four Seasons Total Landscaping parking lot. Someone on Trump’s team has a lot of explaining to do.

Naturally, the internet took Trump’s blunder and ran with it. Give yourself a good post-election laugh today, and check out the best memes about Trump’s press conference blunder. 

Definitely one way to go out

Knowing how Trump has always been a man of wealth and status, this is not the way most people saw him leaving the White House. 

It feels like The Office

Seriously, this entire incident just feels like something Michael would’ve screwed up and done on The Office. Or worse, a phone call poor Jim would actually receive. 

A unique twist on a classic idiom

The Trump campaign has faced numerous issues over the years, so maybe this was just their way of using the press conference today as a literal metaphor?

Best conference, no doubt

Trump has a very particular way of speaking for sure, at least during his 2016 campaign. 

DC next?

Let’s hope the person who booked Trump’s press conference today in the wrong spot isn’t in charge of his next one. 

Who knows where he goes?

We could be wrong though, and Trump just randomly books his next press conference at the local grocery store. 


We think McDonalds

Trump gave winning college sports teams Big Macs when they came to the White House, so we’re expecting that same energy when he concedes. 

Someone’s getting fired

This definitely sounds like a screw up by an innocent intern. 

Ah yes, serious

The mistake in this tweet is anyone taking Rudy Giuliani seriously to begin with. Have you seen Borat 2?

Dash Con vibes

Seriously, add a ball pit and some Johnlock shippers and this press conference would be Dash Con 2. 

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