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Total War Pre Workout is a supplement intended to make your workouts go smoother. Find out whether its right for you with our reviews.

Is Total War Pre Workout Natural?

Are you looking for an extra edge in your gym? Considering total war pre-workout with creatine may be your best start. With the pre-workout, you can attain an added push in your gym, ensuring that you are working out at your top readiness state. However, if you are considering working out for the first time, it may be a challenge in selecting between the various choices, simply supplements, and ingredients.

The following will help you understand the total war pre workout powder ingredients.

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is naturally produced in the form of an amino acid in your body, obtainable as a supplement, and acquired in food. With an increased Citrulline intake, you will be benefiting your body with health and workout performance. Additionally, it may serves as a natural testosterone booster and increase your nitric oxide production hence increasing your blood flow. Also, it has some other positive effects on muscle stimulation and reducing the breakdown of an amino acid after intense training. The total war pre-workout contains 6g of malic acid per serving combined amino acid Citrulline.


Beta-alanine can produce carnosine; this compound occurs naturally in the muscle tissue. The combination plays a crucial role in helping your body endure during intense workouts.

Most trainers recognize the Beta-Alanine ingredient by its often felt sensation and are usually viewed as a kick-in sign of pre-workout. With Beta-Alanine, you are sure of increased focus as you go on with your workouts. Total war pre-workout has 3.2g of Beta-Alanine per serving.


Caffeine is another essential ingredient in the total war pre-workout supplement. Caffeine is naturally obtained from leaves, trees, fruits, and seeds and may help you improve your performance as you go through your workout. Additionally, it helps in bodybuilding and cardiovascular exercise. The total war pre-workout contains 100mg of Di-Caffeine Malate and 250mg of Anhydrous Caffeine in every serving. This allows you to focus and alert during gym time. However, people with high stimulant sensitivity should be sure of their caffeine intake.


AMPiblast or Juniperus Communis is an ingredient found in the Juniper plant berries. And is an essential total war pre-workout ingredient as it contains 150mg in a serving. If you are looking to improve your pre-workout success, AMPiblast may help you attain it. AMPiblast will also help you with a steady energy source which may enhance your training like bcaa powder.

Theobroma Cacao

Generally, Cacao is a high nutritional supplement. With high levels of antioxidants (flavonols) and Theobroma cacao is one of the various types of Cacao. Flavanols may help you with reduced heart disease risks as well as heart protection. Additionally, Cacao can help you lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, decrease dementia risk, and improve your cognitive function.


Whether you prefer working out before school or work, lunch hours, or in the evening hours, total war pre-workout delivers at all times. The combination of focus factors and natural obtained energy, alongside the nitric oxide boosting ingredients, makes it a natural pre-workout supplement.

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