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Top 10 Most Expensive Diamond Shapes in the World

Diamonds are expensive – that’s just how life is. But some are costlier than others. Precious stones have value in their beauty and durability. Lately, lab-grown diamonds are becoming an alternative for clients on a budget or environmentally conscious. You can learn about lab-grown diamonds on RareCarat, the number one diamond company in the United States.

But that being said, what are the factors that determine a diamond’s value? Weight, color, and carats, of course. But shape is also crucial and this post discusses it.

Average Price of Each Diamond Shape per 1.0 carat

  1. Round brilliant: $7,291
  2. Princess-cut: $4,799
  3. Marquise-cut: $5,596
  4. Pear-cut: $5,802
  5. Heart-shaped: $5,536
  6. Oval cut: $5,362
  7. Emerald-cut: $4,476
  8. Radiant-cut: $4,443
  9. Cushion-cut: $4,229

10.Asscher-cut: $4,137

Of course, the price depends on the store you purchase the diamonds, the number of carats, the shape, whether it’s lab-grown or natural, whether it’s colored or not, and more. There are a lot of factors that come into determining the price of a diamond.

Top 10 Most Expensive Diamond Shapes in the World

#1 The Round Brilliant Diamond

Let’s get straight to the point. Round-cut diamonds are the most expensive and perfect for engagement rings. In addition to being the most popular and common diamond shape, the round brilliant is also the least affordable due to its high demand. The price is also so high because of the number of rough diamonds lost during cutting that cannot be reused. The round brilliant shape is also one of the most versatile diamond shapes, and thus it can appear in any type of jewelry.

#2 The Princess-Cut Diamond

Do you want to learn about princess cut? Well, this shape is the second most popular choice among customers. This diamond has pointed corners and is square in shape. Due to their modern and elegant appearance, princess-cut diamonds are popular for engagement rings. As well as being a popular alternative to round diamonds, princess cuts are versatile and have high brilliance and fire. Not to mention they look bigger than round-cut ones – what woman isn’t down for that?

#3 The Marquise-Cut Diamond

As a result of their elongated shape and pointed ends, marquise diamonds have a unique and elegant appearance. In the 18th century, King Louis XV of France popularized marquise diamonds due to their large surface area, making them appear larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. To showcase their unique shape and sparkle, marquise diamonds are usually set in solitaires or two-stone settings.

#4 Pear-Shaped Diamond

Have you ever tried to learn about pear-cut diamonds? Round and marquise diamonds combine to form pear-shaped engagement rings. The pear shape also gives the diamond a larger appearance than other diamonds of the same carat weight, making them perfect for engagement rings. As occurs with heart-shaped diamonds, they often come in solitaire or halo settings to display their unique shape and sparkle.

#5 The Heart-Shaped Diamond

Such a romantic and memorable shape, right? Heart-shaped engagement rings or jewelry will make your special day or that gift unforgettable. Their unique and playful appearance sets them apart from other diamond shapes. In addition to their brilliance and fire, heart-shaped diamonds are particularly popular among clients who want sparkling diamonds. They often come in solitaire or halo settings to display their unique shape and sparkle.

#6 The Oval-Cut Diamond

Compared to round diamonds, oval diamonds are elongated and have similar brilliance. An oval-shaped diamond appears bigger than other diamonds of the same carat weight due to its elongated shape. This makes them an excellent choice for those looking for the brilliance of a round diamond but who prefer a more unique and affordable shape. In vintage-inspired jewelry designs, oval diamonds are often set in halos of smaller diamonds to emphasize their sparkle and shape.

#7 Emerald-Cut Diamond

With its rectangular shape and cut corners, the emerald cut diamond is a popular choice for those seeking a unique and vintage look. Moreover, if you opt for colored diamonds, the structure of the emerald cut will intensify the stunning, shiny color of your choice. There are fewer facets in the emerald-cut diamond than in other diamond shapes, but its long lines and step-like facets create a unique pattern of light and dark.

#8 The Radiant-Cut Diamond

Radiant cuts are rectangular or square-shaped diamonds with cut corners. They have great brilliance and fire because of their 70 facets. Also, the cut combines the brilliance and elegance of round diamonds with the elegance of princess and emerald cuts. The radiant cut is popular for those who want a diamond with a unique and modern appearance. As with others, you can choose the exact length-to-with ratio, but make sure the corners are not too narrow or wide!

#9 Cushion-Cut Diamond

One particular thing about cushion-cut diamonds is that the length-to-width ratio is always different, allowing for personal customization. Its square or rectangular shape and rounded corners give it a soft and romantic appearance. Cushion diamonds are often cut with larger facets, increasing their brilliance and fire, making them popular for vintage and antique engagement rings. Cushion diamonds are popular with colored diamonds because of their ability to highlight their color and clarity.

#10 Asscher-Cut Diamond

Here is something to learn about Asscher cuts: Invented by the Royal Asscher Company, there are two appearances: one is the classic shape with 58 facets, and the second one is the Royal Asscher cut with 74 facets. In contrast to the emerald cut, the Asscher cut is square and has a higher degree of brilliance and fire. For those seeking a vintage look with a modern twist, the Asscher cut is a popular choice.

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