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Why is everyone heading to TikTok to search for nuns? Here's all you need to know about the hilarious TikTok nuns.

Who is the hottest TikTok search right now? These amazing nuns

Most people don’t know a lot about nuns these days, which means what people do know usually comes from the media. Meaning we have strangely specific stereotypes about hyper-strict nuns who never seem to have any fun.

However, some Dutch Catholic nuns (the Carmelite Sisters) of the Most Sacred Heart of Vogelenzang church, have taken to TikTok (simply for the fun of it) only to be met with almost instant viral success. Their youngest convent member, Sister Hannah, has only been a nun for four and a half years and thought it would be funny if they made a fashion TikTok parody.

Rather than showing off a bunch of different outfits for different occasions – like most fashion TikTokers, they made a TikTok where they showed the outfits they wear on every day of the week – for nuns, that’s the same outfit every day.


True Story! Life as a nun isn’t a job, it’s for life

♬ origineel geluid – jade.daniels

Sister Hannah explained, “I was in a silly mood and came across this video of an influencer showing all kinds of outfits for different occasions. Of course in the monastery, we don’t have to choose what we put on every day.”

A lot of people were surprised to see nuns having, well, fun. The lighthearted content has warmed the hearts of people across the world with over 200,000 followers so far & 3.8 million likes, and the numbers keep climbing.

The women make videos with wholesome jokes, their various pets, and even sometimes answer people’s questions about what their lives are like as nuns. The content also frequently takes whatever meme is currently popular on TikTok and “nunnifies” them – to the delight of many.


Kheb m’n wagen vol geladen… #conventlife #nunsoftiktok #carmeldcj #nederland

♬ K heb mijn wagen volgeladen – De Schellebellen

The small convent aims to post at least a couple of videos every week – though sometimes they don’t have the time to do so.

The nuns are very excited about the welcoming reaction of the internet. Sister Hannah said part of the reason they keep making videos is, “I try to tell the world that we still exist, to reach out to people and to convey a message to them. We want to stay true to ourselves, but we also want to reach young people and show them who we are. To do that, you also need to be where they are.”

She also believes “you can reach a lot of people if your message is packed with a bit of humor”. Their endeavors aren’t about fame, but are instead a way to embrace the fact “modern technology connects us to others”, their website points out their “connections with the Lord is what matters, of course”.


The true sound of music 🤣 #thesoundofmusic #medianuns #conventlife #sisters #nuns #selfquaranine #quarantinegonewrong #catholic

♬ original sound – otbcrew

Many people, even non-Catholics, adore the content – finding it to be wholesome in the midst of a world pandemic. One person even said they find the content “calming”. It’s certainly a guaranteed smile every time you press play on one of their videos. Even picking videos for this article was difficult because each one was sweeter and more heartwarming than the last.

Pushing your friend around in a wheelbarrow? Classic. Nuns dancing to “The Hills are Alive”? Iconic. Nuns fighting over a piece of chocolate? Relatable.


Love thy neighbor. But chocolate… #chocolatelover #eastereggs #easteregghunt #lovethyneighbor #carmeldcj

♬ origineel geluid – carmeldcj

We’re just hoping that if TikTok really is banned in the U.S. before the year ends, that the nuns will start posting their videos to YouTube so we can keep seeing their content.

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