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The Magical Journey of Steve Crawford: From Variety Artist to Hollywood Actor

Steve Crawford’s journey from a variety artist to a Hollywood actor has been nothing short of magical. With more than 40 years of touring under his belt, Crawford’s love for acting and magic started at a young age. Born and raised in Oklahoma, he began acting at the age of six and developed a passion for magic and escape artistry. After earning a BA in speech, theater, and acting, he embarked on a thrilling career as a daredevil escape artist, illusionist, hypnotist, and magician.

For ten months a year, Crawford traveled the country performing his acts at various venues, including Six Flags Over Texas and Magic Mountain, Sea World San Diego, and countless festivals, state, and county fairs. During the winter months, he returned to Oklahoma to continue acting. Over the years, Crawford has shared the stage with notable figures like Henry Winkler and opened for rock concerts, including Alice Cooper.

Crawford’s impressive accolades include being the first-place winner in casting agents Brock and Allen’s Film Acting Competition, a Top Three Actor in America’s Cast Me Competition and Reality Show, and a member of the National Forensic League Honor Society. He has also won the Sharp Acting Award, the first-place Nabisco Unlock The Magic Award, and holds a record in the latter competition.

Having appeared in over 30 films and television shows, Crawford’s acting career gained momentum when he moved to Hollywood five years ago. He has worked on various television projects, including co-hosting Fox Television’s Magical Mystery Tour and appearing in dozens of commercials, most recently for Express.

This year, Steve Crawford is set to star in his first leading role in Eli Roth’s The Legion of Exorcists. The series will premiere on June 1st on HBO MAX (soon to be called MAX) and air on Thursday nights on Discovery Plus and Travel. Don’t miss the chance to watch Crawford’s mesmerizing performance as he continues to enchant audiences with his unique blend of magic and acting.

In his pursuit of a successful acting career, Steve Crawford is backed by a strong team of professionals. He is represented by MJB Talent Agency in Los Angeles, who help him secure roles and navigate the competitive entertainment industry. Additionally, Crawford has entrusted his publicity and public relations efforts to GTK PR Agency, with Sherry Lee as his dedicated publicist.

Having such a supportive team by his side has undoubtedly played a significant role in Steve’s career growth, enabling him to focus on his craft and achieve his dreams. With their guidance and expertise, Crawford has been able to take on a range of acting roles, including his first lead role in Eli Roth’s The Legion of Exorcists.

As Steve Crawford continues to make his mark in Hollywood, the collaboration between MJB Talent Agency, GTK PR Agency, and Sherry Lee will no doubt be instrumental in promoting and managing his career.

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