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The Golden State as a Wedding Location

  • Guy is a licensed officiant and he performs ceremonies in California.

  • Destination weddings in California are unlike any other. Where would you recommend we elope? Of course, this is California. The weather in Southern California is always pleasant. It’s easy to spend a day or more just seeing the city and all of its many attractions. Moreover, it is a well-known landmark and a perfect spot for a romantic honeymoon. Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, and the rest of the city are full of sights to see. Southern California is full of unexpectedly wonderful places to visit. Talk to Chris about your trip to California; he’s a huge fan of the state and can give you personalized recommendations for things to do and see. And Chris has explored every nook and cranny of both Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

    Marriage Celebrant for Honeymoon Weddings For your Los Angeles wedding, Guy can both issue the necessary marriage license and officiate the event. I think a wedding in Los Angeles would be a fantastic choice for a wedding in a faraway place. You may expect a wedding in the classic Californian flair, complete with sunny skies, warm temperatures, a thriving film industry, and an atmosphere that is quintessentially Californian. The term “chill” was coined in the Golden State. And Chris, a native SoCalitan, is the quintessential local. All countries and states recognize California marriages.

    • Marriage License Information is Private in California

    Chris has been granted a secret Los Angeles marriage license that can be used throughout the state of California. Avoid the long wait at the County Clerk’s office by getting your marriage license from him instead. He is willing to travel all across Los Angeles to execute wedding ceremonies. Chris frequently offers these for marriages in California elopement packages. In the Southern California area, he stands out as the top wedding minister.

    The thing that is extremely unique to California is our confidential marriage license. In California, couples can choose between a public or a confidential marriage license. Any country or state with a public marriage license is just like any other country or state in the world. The information you provide on your marriage license is public record and can be viewed by anybody. We don’t want it to happen. Chris is authorized to issue clandestine marriage licenses, which are kept hidden from view. It will be completely unknown to the public.

    A strictly private marriage license Although though it is legal everywhere, many people choose to get married in California because of this. A court order or a notarized document is required to access it now that it has been filed. All of that data is confidential and won’t be shared. Because of this, many famous people choose to have their “private” wedding ceremonies here before inviting the public. The reason why so many people travel to have their wedding performed by Officiant Guy.

    To learn more about why Los Angeles is the perfect location for a destination wedding, please explore the rest of our site. To access the many tools and resources we offer, please visit our MAIN PAGE by selecting ELOPE. The weddings he performs for his clients are always stress-free. Think about a ceremony on the sand. Or perhaps you’re hosting a wedding. A wedding ceremony held at a cafe is another option. …or a wedding using guerilla tactics. In theory, you could have any kind of wedding you wanted.

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