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Amazon Studios's 'The Boys' S2 is on its way as fast as a speeding bullet (every pun very much intended). Here’s everything Film Daily knows so far.

Flying in hot: Everything we know about season 2 of ‘The Boys’

The Boys have made a super-sized impact with its darker take on the superhero genre. The powerful story about a group of average men who choose to battle with The Seven (a mighty and corrupt group of supposed superheroes) and other twisted supers took turns not even X-ray vision could have seen in its first season.

Now, season two is on its way as fast as a speeding bullet (every pun very much intended). Here’s everything Film Daily knows so far.

Release date 

Everyone has been antsy to find out when we get to dive back into this gritty world and we finally have an answer. An Instagram post started this super story off when Karl Urban, who plays grizzled leader of the Boys Billy Butcher, posted a slight spoiler pertaining to when season two of The Boys will drop. 

While it is not exact, we now know season two will drop sometime mid-2020, potentially during July since the first season aired on July 26, 2019. Even that may be suspect since last season Amazon released the series hours before the time listed. 

The existence of a season two was never a question as The Boys was renewed before season one was released. The gamble was certainly worth it. Jennifer Salke, the head of Amazon Studios, said during an interview with Digital Spy. “This creates great momentum and excitement for us as we get ready for season two.” 

The actors are clearly excited for season two, which raises the question:

Who’s returning to the cast? 

Most of the original cast, including Jack Quaid as Hughie, Anthony Starr as Homelander, and Erin Moriarty as Starlight are returning for season two. Giancarlo Esposito will also return as the mysterious Vought CEO Mr. Edgar. Esposito only cameoed in the first season, but is confirmed to have a bigger role in season two.

One cast member whose return is up in the air is Jessie T. Usher’s A-Train, who suffered a heart attack at the end of the first season. 

Along with some returning members, this super cast is getting some new faces. These include Aya Cash who will play a gender-swapped Stormfront, another Super who happens to be a Neo-Nazi, which should be an interesting twist in the narrative. 

Goran Visnjic and Claudia Doumit, whom you may recognize from the show Timeless, will also enter the world as powerful and shadowy church leader Alistair Adana and young congresswoman Victoria Newman respectively. 

With these new elements, the story is bound to be interesting. Which brings us to our next bit of news: 

What’s the plot in season two?

The new trailer for The Boys that dropped reveals that we will be peaking into Homelander’s backstory and childhood at Vought as he develops into the “hero” we see today. Along with this, we will see the inner workings of Vought and see what other secrets it may be hiding. 

We will also see the aftermath of Butcher’s revelation about his wife and his emotions toward Homelander. Finally, now that the throne is empty, the show will focus on who will take over Vought now that Madelyn Stillwell is dead after her memorable confession to Homelander. 

We also know that this season will be just as bloody as season one, so viewer discretion is advised. 

In short, this season promises to give us a deeper look into the minds and pasts of the supposed saviors of this world while also giving us new elements to consider. The Boys is anything but traditional superhero fair, but it gives us at Film Daily just as many goosebumps. So, keep your eagle eyes out for The Boys and strap in for the flight (and fight) of a lifetime.

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