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The Best Fundraisers for Afghanistan: Making a Lasting Impact

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best fundraisers for Afghanistan. In this article, we will highlight organizations that are making a significant difference in Afghan people’s and communities lives. We aim to provide you with a detailed overview of these charities, their impactful initiatives, and how they address the pressing issues Afghanistan faces today.


1. Doctors Without Borders


Doctors Without Borders (or Médecins Sans Frontières) was established in 1971 by a team of doctors, nurses, and humanitarians to provide medical aid to vulnerable communities affected by natural disasters and armed conflict. Their unwavering commitment to humanitarian work led them to commence operations in Afghanistan in 1980, where they established health clinics. Doctors Without Borders operates hospitals and mobile health facilities in five locations across the country, serving and attending to the local communities.


Impact and Transparency Ratings

Doctors Without Borders is highly regarded for its impact and transparency. The organization has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and holds an outstanding Accountability and Transparency score of 97 out of 100. Doctors Without Borders has also been honored with the prestigious Platinum Seal of Transparency by GuideStar. A testament to their dedication, in 2020, approximately 85% of their income was allocated to programs and services, including projects conducted in Afghanistan.


Responding to the Crisis in Afghanistan

“To respond to the crisis in Afghanistan, providing medical aid, expertise, and life-saving supplies during the escalating crisis.”


Delivering Critical Medical Support

Doctors Without Borders plays a crucial role in delivering essential medical support to the vulnerable population of Afghanistan. Their clinics cater to various healthcare needs, including maternal healthcare, tuberculosis treatment, and malnutrition assistance. Beyond their direct health services, the organization conducts groundbreaking research, mobilizes resources, and provides reports on the diverse humanitarian issues witnessed during their projects.


Remarkable Achievements

Since its establishment, Doctors Without Borders has made significant strides in providing medical support to the Afghan people. In 2020 alone, they assisted in over 36,000 births, providing essential care to mothers and newborns. Furthermore, they offered tuberculosis treatment to 1,370 individuals and conducted outpatient consultations for more than 130,000 people, ensuring access to necessary healthcare services.


Contributing to Doctors Without Borders

There are several ways in which individuals can contribute to the invaluable work of Doctors Without Borders. One can directly donate through their website, supporting their ongoing initiatives in Afghanistan and beyond. Additionally, individuals can show their support by participating in one of their events, volunteering with the organization, or organizing fundraising campaigns to raise awareness and funds.


By supporting Doctors Without Borders, you become a part of their noble mission to alleviate suffering and provide critical medical assistance to the most vulnerable communities in Afghanistan and worldwide. Your contribution can make a tangible difference and help save lives. Together, we can create a brighter future for those in need.


2. Aseel: Empowering Artisans and Supporting Afghan Families


Aseel, derived from the Persian word for ‘Authentic,’ is a visionary e-commerce and humanitarian aid platform originally established as a global marketplace for artisans to showcase and sell their products, Aseel has since evolved into a multifaceted platform that combines commerce and humanitarian endeavors. With its user-friendly web interface and convenient iOS and Android mobile apps, Aseel offers a seamless and immersive experience.


Objectives and Initiatives

Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis: Aseel’s Primary Focus


Aseel is unwavering in its commitment to alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, making it the organization’s top priority. The platform offers diverse opportunities for individuals looking to extend a helping hand to Afghan families in need. Aseel’s initiatives include:


Purchasing Emergency Packages

By providing a wide range of emergency packages for sale, Aseel enables concerned individuals to make a direct and tangible impact on the lives of vulnerable Afghan families. Each package is carefully curated to address specific needs, ensuring that essential items such as food, shelter, and other vital supplies reach those most need them.


Sponsoring a Family

Aseel facilitates the sponsorship of Afghan families, allowing supporters to make a lasting difference in their lives. Through support, individuals or organizations can provide consistent aid to a designated family, helping them regain stability and build a better future.


Initiating a Campaign

Aseel empowers users to initiate fundraising campaigns on the platform, leveraging the power of collective action to bring about positive change. By creating a campaign, individuals can mobilize their networks and communities to contribute towards humanitarian efforts, amplifying the impact and extending assistance to more Afghan families.


Becoming a Volunteer

Aseel welcomes volunteers passionate about making a difference in the lives of Afghan families. By joining the volunteer program, individuals can actively participate in various on-ground initiatives, fostering direct connections and offering support to those in need.


Accomplishments and Impact

Transforming Lives: Aseel’s Ongoing Humanitarian Aid Efforts


Since August 2021, Aseel has played a pivotal role in providing essential aid to communities in Kabul province, expanding its reach to include all 28 areas of Afghanistan. The organization’s accomplishments and impact speak volumes:


Emergency Packs Distribution

Aseel’s dedicated team has successfully distributed over 3,000 emergency packs, extending critical support to more than 20,000 internally displaced families. These packs contain vital supplies, including food packages, winter provisions, first aid kits, baby care packages, and child relief packages. Aseel ensures that families can withstand challenges and secure a brighter future by addressing immediate needs.


Supporting Artisans Affected by the Pandemic

In recognition of the hardships faced by artisans due to the profound impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their livelihoods, Aseel launched fundraising campaigns in 2020. These initiatives provided much-needed financial assistance and support to artisans, enabling them to navigate production and marketing challenges during difficult times. By championing the resilience of Afghan artisans, Aseel strengthens the country’s cultural heritage and empowers its creative communities.


Expanding Emergency Aid Operations

Aseel continues to make significant strides in expanding its emergency aid operations across Afghanistan, ensuring that support reaches even the most remote areas. With a focus on safety and efficiency, Aseel remains dedicated to fostering sustainable development and empowering Afghan families in their journey toward self-sufficiency.


3. Save the Children: Providing Life-Saving Services to Afghan Children


Save the Children, established in 1919 by Eglantyne Jebb, is dedicated to providing life-saving services to needy children. Jebb’s notable contribution includes drafting the Declaration of the Rights of a Child, advocating for global children’s rights. Since 1976, Save the Children has expanded its scope of work and has been actively engaged in Afghanistan, offering support to refugee and displaced children.


Their Impact and Transparency Ratings: Exemplary Ratings for Save the Children


Save the Children boasts an impressive 4-star rating and an outstanding Accountability and Transparency score of 97 out of 100, both awarded by Charity Navigator. Additionally, they have been honored with the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. A testament to their commitment, in 2020, almost 85% of their income was dedicated to their programs.


“Save the Children is unwavering in their commitment to ensuring the safety and protection of Afghan children and their families.”


Save the Children: Safeguarding Afghan Children’s Well-being


Objective: Save the Children’s primary goal is to protect the well-being of children in Afghanistan through comprehensive educational, health, and security programs. They extend assistance to children caught in humanitarian crises and those deprived of necessities such as food, shelter, and safety. Save the Children also advocates for public policies safeguarding children’s rights while empowering them to realize their full potential. Furthermore, they actively work towards protecting the rights of Afghan children and families who seek refuge in the United States.


Impressive Achievements: Save the Children’s Contributions


Since its inception in Afghanistan, Save the Children has positively impacted over 1.6 million Afghan individuals facing crises. In 2020 alone, they provided education services to more than 240,000 children and assisted an additional 187,000 impoverished children. Moreover, they delivered vital health services to 93,000 Afghan children and ensured the safety and well-being of 36,000 children amid conflict and violence.


Contributing to Save the Children: How You Can Help


There are several ways in which you can contribute to the efforts of Save the Children:


Donations: You can contribute by donating through their website. This financial support plays a crucial role in their programs and initiatives.


Urgent Appeal: Save the Children provides detailed information about their urgent appeal for aid in Afghanistan. By understanding how your donation can impact the lives of Afghan children, you can make a more informed contribution.


Fundraising: Take the initiative to start a fundraiser in your community. This will raise funds and create awareness about the importance of protecting children’s rights.


Events and Volunteering: Attend Save the Children’s events or offer your time as a volunteer. Your active involvement will make a difference in the lives of Afghan children.


Merchandise: Support Save the Children’s Cause by purchasing branded merchandise from their online shop. Your purchase will contribute directly to their efforts.


Sponsorship: Consider sponsoring a child. By doing so, your donations will directly impact a child’s development and well-being.


4. International Rescue Committee: Protecting Afghan Refugees Globally


The International Rescue Committee (IRC), founded in 1933 by Albert Einstein, has been dedicated to providing vital humanitarian assistance to refugees fleeing Nazi Germany. Over the years, they have extended their reach to offer relief to refugees across Europe. In 1988, the IRC expanded its operations to Afghanistan, aiding individuals affected by conflict and poverty.


Their Impact and Transparency Ratings: Demonstrating Commitment and Transparency


The International Rescue Committee is renowned for its commitment to transparency and accountability. They hold an exceptional Accountability and Transparency score of 97 out of 100 from Charity Navigator. Moreover, GuideStar has honored them with the Gold Seal of Transparency. In 2020, they allocated nearly 87% of their income to refugee programs and services.


“The International Rescue Committee offers vital support to Afghans who have endured four decades of violent conflict.”


International Rescue Committee: Saving Lives and Empowering Afghan Refugees


Objective: The International Rescue Committee is dedicated to providing life-saving services and aid to Afghan refugees and internally displaced persons during humanitarian crises. They offer educational resources, healthcare, and social and legal support, focusing on the most vulnerable refugees, including women and children. Furthermore, the IRC assists Afghan refugees in integrating into their new communities by providing language courses, education, and employment support.


Remarkable Achievements: Impact of the International Rescue Committee


Since its inception in Afghanistan, the International Rescue Committee has successfully resettled over 10,000 Afghan families in the United States. In 2021, they extended their support to over 170 Afghan refugees arriving in Mexico. Additionally, they provide essential services within Afghanistan, supporting more than 100 health and sanitation facilities nationwide.


Contributing to the International Rescue Committee: Ways to Show Support


There are several ways you can contribute to the efforts of the International Rescue Committee:


Direct Donations: Show your support by donating directly through their website. Your financial contribution will help save lives and empower Afghan refugees.


Volunteer: Join the IRC as a volunteer and actively participate in their initiatives. Your involvement will make a meaningful difference in the lives of Afghan refugees.


Advocacy: Raise your voice and call on the government to take action and protect Afghan refugees. Advocacy plays a crucial role in bringing about change and ensuring the safety and well-being of refugees.


In conclusion, Save the Children and the International Rescue Committee have provided life-saving services and support to Afghan children and refugees. By contributing to their causes, you can significantly impact the lives of those in need. Your support will help create a brighter future for Afghan children and families, ensuring their safety, well-being, and access to essential resources.


5. Women for Afghan Women: Supporting Afghan Women Everywhere


Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is a pioneering organization providing unwavering support to Afghan immigrant communities in New York since its establishment in 2001. With a deep-rooted commitment to community outreach, WAW has expanded its impactful programs to Afghanistan, working tirelessly to empower Afghan women and girls and advocate for their rights.


Platinum Seal of Transparency: A Testimony to WAW’s Dedication


WAW has received GuideStar’s prestigious Platinum Seal of Transparency, underscoring its unwavering commitment to accountability and impact. Moreover, WAW sets a shining example with its board, comprising 100% women, demonstrating their relentless dedication to uplifting and empowering women.


WAW’s Endeavors: Fostering Change for Afghan Women and Girls

Educating, Elevating, and Advocating: WAW’s Comprehensive Approach


Women for Afghan Women offers a range of vital services and programs to assist Afghan women and girls in the United States and Afghanistan. Their tireless efforts encompass education, empowerment, and advocacy, ensuring. Afghan women and girls are equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive in their communities. Additionally, WAW conducts meticulous research and spearheads awareness-raising initiatives to advocate for the rights of Afghan women and girls.


Transforming Lives: Reaching Over 1.6 Million Women


Since its inception, Women for Afghan Women has positively impacted the lives of over 1.6 million women through its exceptional programs and services. Year after year, their outreach programs and dedicated support have assisted an average of over 8,000 Afghan women in the United States. Moreover, WAW employs a dedicated team of over 800 staff members in Afghanistan, working tirelessly to implement and expand their life-changing initiatives.


Supporting the Cause: Join the Movement


You can play an integral role in supporting Women for Afghan Women and their noble cause. Consider making a generous donation through their user-friendly website to contribute directly to their vital programs. Additionally, WAW accepts cryptocurrency donations, providing an innovative way to support its mission. Furthermore, you can make a significant impact by organizing a fundraiser on their behalf or volunteering for upcoming events, showcasing your solidarity with Afghan women and girls.


In conclusion, Women for Afghan Women is a beacon of hope and empowerment, tirelessly working to uplift and support Afghan women and girls. With their unwavering commitment, remarkable achievements, and transparent approach, WAW continues to pave the way for a brighter and more equitable future. Join the movement and make a difference today by standing with Women for Afghan Women in their quest to support Afghan women everywhere.

How Can You Select the Best Charities to Support?

When supporting charities, choosing the right one can make a significant difference. In this article, we will guide you in selecting the best charities to help in Afghanistan, ensuring that your contribution has a profound impact. 


Check Out the Charity Website

A good starting point in selecting a charity is to visit their website. Transparent charities with a clear mission and track record will provide detailed information about their history, mission, and values. By familiarizing yourself with these aspects, you can gain insights into the organization’s credibility and determine if they align with your values.


Identify the Charity’s Mission

A charity with a clear mission will likely avoid challenges and may not deliver the desired impact. Identifying the purpose and goals of the charity you are considering is crucial. If their mission needs to be clarified or defined, it might be worth exploring other charities with a more narrow focus.


Check if the Charity Has Measurable Goals

Effective charities set clear and measurable goals to ensure their efforts create a tangible impact. When considering a charity, inquire about their specific goals and how they track progress towards achieving them. Knowing that your donation will contribute to the charity’s objectives will give you confidence in its effectiveness.


Assess the Charity’s Successes and Goals

Just as you wouldn’t invest in a business that consistently misses its targets, assessing a charity’s track record is vital. Look for evidence of the positive changes they have made and their progress in reaching their goals.

Check the Charity’s Financials and Statistics

Trustworthy organizations maintain transparency by publishing annual financial statements and reports. While some charities may be exempt from this requirement, they should still be able to provide these details upon request. By reviewing their financials, you can ensure that your donations are being used effectively and efficiently.


Locate Sources Familiar with the Charity

One of the best ways to evaluate a charity’s quality is by connecting with people with firsthand experience with the organization. Seek out individuals who work with or benefit from the charity and listen to their stories. Their testimonials and personal experiences will provide valuable insights, allowing you to make an informed decision.


How Can You Best Support These Charities?

Once you select the charities you wish to support, it’s time to determine how to contribute effectively. Here are several ways you can help your chosen charity:


Donate Money

Most charities offer donation pages on their websites, providing a convenient way for you to contribute financially. You can make a one-time payment or set up recurring donations at different intervals. Payment options typically include credit cards, while some charities may also accept PayPal or Bitcoin payments.


Purchase Official Merchandise

Supporting charities can extend beyond monetary donations. Many charities sell official merchandise as a means of fundraising. By purchasing items such as mugs, shirts, caps, pens, and pencils, you contribute financially and help spread awareness about the charity’s activities. Consider buying and sharing these items to amplify their impact.


Donate a Percentage of Your Online Purchases

You can support your chosen charities online through programs like Amazon Smile. This initiative allows you to allocate a fraction of your online purchases to the charities you care about. Set up this feature to ensure that some of your purchases contribute to their cause.


Engage in Volunteer Work

Some charities actively engage in local and grassroots programs. You can support them by volunteering your time and skills. Take the initiative to organize and participate in programs relevant to the charity’s mission in your local area. Your direct involvement can make a significant difference in their efforts.

Help with Fundraising Efforts

Spread the word about the charity among your colleagues, classmates, community, and social media networks. Organize creative fundraising drives that capture people’s attention and inspire them to contribute. You can significantly amplify the charity’s reach and impact by leveraging your networks.

Share Their Stories

Charities often have compelling stories that showcase the individuals they help and the positive changes they create. Share these stories with your audience through social media, blog posts, or personal conversations. Raising awareness and generating empathy can attract more people to support the cause.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know to select and support the best charities in Afghanistan, it’s time to make a difference. Choose the charity that resonates most with you and contributes in a way that aligns with your capabilities and preferences. Remember, whichever charity you support, your contribution will be immensely appreciated. By taking these steps, you can help drive positive change and support the causes that matter the most.


Stay impactful!

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