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Testosterone Pills and Their Effectiveness In Older Men

Testosterone is a hormone that promotes muscle build, bone mass, male sexual drive, and sperm production. With age, the testosterone levels in males start to drop. As a result of low levels of testosterone, older men may suffer from anemia, bone breaks, and decreased sexual drive.

To minimize the risk of anemia or bone breaks, physicians around the world suggest using testosterone supplements. While the testosterone supplements consumption has increased, the question is whether they are really effective – especially in older men?

Studies have been conducted to study the effect of testosterone supplements on male sexual drive, anemia, and bone-breaking in older men. Here is the breakdown of all these three variables:


Anemia – a condition where a person’s red blood cells or hemoglobin levels get quite low. Due to red blood cells or hemoglobin deficiency, the body doesn’t receive sufficient oxygen, which causes dizziness, headaches, weakness, or shortness of breath.

A study conducted on a group of older men with explained and unexplained anemia has shown that otc testosterone pills improved their hemoglobin levels. In fact, the trials have demonstrated that the increase in hemoglobin was pretty significant. 

Sexual Drive

One thing that is associated with testosterone pills is the sexual function boost. While it is true that consumption of such pills modestly improves male sexual function (sexual desire, sexual activity, and erectile function), these pills have other effects as well.

In addition to improved sexual function, older men using testosterone pills have shown an improvement in their mood and a decrease in depressive symptoms. Although so far, these supplements haven’t shown any side effects, it is still recommended to use them as per your physician consultation.

Bone Breaking

As the testosterone levels start to decrease in males with age, their bone strength, volume, and bone mineral density also decrease. This leads to an increased risk of bone fractures. Several trials conducted were conducted to study the effect of testosterone treatment to prevent bone breaking in older men.

The trials demonstrated that men who were given testosterone treatment, undergo increased bone mineral density, volume, and mass levels. The hip bones and spine bones’ strength and density were affected the most.

Final Thoughts!

The trials suggest that testosterone treatment definitely has a positive impact on male health such as improved hemoglobin, bone strength, cardiovascular and cognitive improvement. While the testosterone levels decrease in older men, the levels might get low in young males as well.

Moreover, some males have different levels in the morning and night. So, the best way to know the exact count of your blood testosterone is to check between 8 to 9 am. However, if the testosterone levels fall under the normal range it doesn’t mean that you are experiencing low levels.

Whether you are an older man or a young one, it is advised to use the testosterone pills, by consulting your doctor. Use the prescribed dose. In addition to these testosterone boosters, you should also use some natural ways to improve the testosterone level.

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