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Have you considered looking for a job during the holiday? If you haven’t, the holiday could be the best time to look for a job in Toronto.

Temp Agency Toronto: Get a Job during the Holiday

When the holiday sets in, everyone switches their mood and gets ready to enjoy the season. It also applies to job hunting where people feel torn between taking a break or continue with the search through a job agency Toronto or looking for job posts. Truth is, job hunting is a continuous process that does not have an end. 

While most employees employ before the season begins, others struggle with being understaffed as their employees go for the holidays. It means open positions for the short term. Because other people are not actively searching during this period, it is easier to land a seasonal job through a temp agency Toronto than before it starts peaking.

  • 11 Reasons to Keep Searching for a Job during the Holidays

It feels crazy to want to continue job hunting during the holiday. Well, the idea is not crazy and is totally logical. Here is how:

  • Employers are hiring: there are thousands of jobs posted on job boards or through a job agency by companies frequently. If you check some of the amazing sites like Indeed, Dice, Monster, and others, you can easily land a job if you are aggressive enough.
  • Less competition for the available jobs: some people prefer focusing on the holiday season because it is the only time they get to spend quality time with their loved ones. It makes sense as it is the time most people are free. This aspect makes it easier to find a job for people that can multi-task. If you can work and afford to spare some time to enjoy the holiday mood, it is your time to get that short-term job. Also, job seekers are usually not actively looking for placements at this time.
  • More networking opportunities: holidays are comprised of many gatherings from family get together, team buildings, reunions, and other exciting events. These gatherings bring people from different professions and job seekers should take advantage of them. The best way to network is by showing up and creating business cards with your contact information and links to your professional profiles. In November and December when people are in the spirit of giving, people are happy to help exceedingly.
  1. Unemployment benefits are limited: unemployment benefits always run out, which is why job seekers should continue searching through a temp agency Toronto.
  2. Salary and benefits in place for the New Year: December salary helps you to plan for next year’s expectations. You can plan about how you will pay your bills with that salary range and even plan how you will file your taxes.
  3. A temporary job could become permanent: some employers prefer hiring based on an employee’s input. As such, when an employee performs well, they can retain them for a permanent position. Therefore, you can start working a temp job through a job agency and end up in a perm position.
  4. You may still get holiday time off: if you are new to the company, you can enjoy some time off during the holidays such as Christmas or the New Year’s celebration, depending on the company policy. 
  5. You may be able to negotiate a start date: because most businesses close on Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, you can negotiate and backdate the starting date. 
  6. Extra money for the holidays: as everyone else is spending on the good stuff over the holiday, you will also have something to spoil yourself with. It also keeps you calm because you will not have to rush in January when everybody else is looking for a job through a temp agency Toronto.
  7.  Get a new wardrobe: your dressing helps you boost your confidence. When you secure a job over the holiday, you get motivated to look good. It is easy to shop for new clothes to look presentable at your new workplace.
  8. Use employee discounts for holiday shopping: retail and hospitality sectors offer holiday discounts to their employees. You can take advantage of those and enjoy buying gifts for those you hold dear.
  • On-Demand Hiring

Because demand keeps changing, businesses are embracing hiring on-demand through a job agency. They no longer wait too long before filling the position to ensure customers consistently get what they want. 

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