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We all want to see change, we all want to stand up to oppressive practices. If you want to help this movement, here are black-owned businesses to support.

Feeling helpless? Support these black-owned businesses right now!

We’ve seen the protests, the Black community banding together with allies to speak out against systemic racism and bring vital change to the world. Some people are on the front lines, braving tear gas and rubber bullets. Others can’t be there physically whether it’s due to distance or perhaps the still-present threat of the coronavirus, but wherever we are, we can still do our part. 

A data journalist, Mona Chalabi, gave us all something to think about when she made an Instagram post encouraging people to buy from Black-owned companies. Black businesses have been hit heavily by the coronavirus shutdown. Even more, the Black community represents 15% of the population so 15% of what we buy should come from Black businesses. 

We all want to see change, we all want to stand up to oppressive practices. Let’s put our money where our mouth is and support these & more Black-owned businesses. 

Fuzzy Pineapple

A boutique in Tallahassee Florida, Fuzzy Pineapple has a range of whimsical tie-dye clothing, accessories, and artwork. If you get in touch with the brand you can also get your own customized pieces. 

Bole Road Textiles 

This company was founded by interior designer Hana Getachew and sells home-goods items such as towels, pillows, blankets made from one-of-a-kind textile & fabrics. The fabrics are designed in Brooklyn and woven in Ethiopia. 


This company offers charming & useful accessories that include housewares, kitchen goods, and trinkets. All of YOWIE’s items are made by independent artists & designers. 

Red Bay Coffee

This company sells ethically sourced coffee as well as contributes to its community by striving to hire people from diverse backgrounds. Not only that, but Red Bay Coffee hires staff from communities that are often excluded from the specialty coffee industry including people of color, women, those who have been incarcerated, and those with disabilities. 

Tubby’s Taste

Owner Danielle “Tubby” Tubman whips up a line of vegan desserts inspired from her Jamaican-American heritage. If you want a little of everything, be sure to order her cookie sampler box to get a sweet taste. 

Partake Foods

This is a great business for anyone who struggles to find allergy-friendly foods. Denise Woodard created Partake Foods to offer a line of allergen-free, health-conscious foods for people like her daughter. 

The Spice Suite

Anytime you need to stock up on your spices be sure to check out this company. Order a Spice Box monthly to explore flavors from around the world and a handy introduction on each one so you can learn how to use them. 

The Lip Bar

Created to offer women a wide variety of products for any skin tone and free from harsh chemicals, this beauty brand by founder Melissa Butler has all you could ever need from a makeup line. Check out their Fast Face Kits for easy choices on full makeup kits. 

Nyakio Beauty

Nyakio Beauty is a line of natural skin-care products created by Nyakio Kamoche Grieco from her grandmother’s recipes. The products use ingredients like African coffee & fair-trade shea butter and are free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, and formaldehyde. 

Honey Pot

Bea Dixon provides all-natural feminine care to refresh, revive, and rejuvenate for all things menstrual and prenatal. Honey Pot also works to bring feminine products to women living in poverty. 

Pur Home

From a single bar of soap, founder Angela Richardson grew her company into a full line of household products made from natural, clean ingredients. 

Simply Pure CBD

With their company Wanda James & Scott Durah provide legitimate & effective cannabis products while bringing attention to criminal justice reform & equity in the cannabis industry.

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