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“My kids are having a boring summer” is definitely what you wouldn’t want to listen to this summer. These activities for toddlers should do the trick!

Summer Activities for Kids – The Ultimate List of Summer Boredom Busters

“My kids are having a boring summer” is definitely what you wouldn’t want to listen to this summer. Be a cut above and prime yourself with a sack of some engaging, entertaining, enlightening, and educational pastimes for your children!

Gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets may be a convenient boredom buster for your kid’s short term. However, experts recommend it no more than 1-2 hours a day – since uncurbed screen time can limit sociability and language in toddlers.

Creative indoor and outdoor play activities, brain games, and shared reading tasks boost positive attitudes and hearty social-emotional development; as per a recent article by Alan Guttman, an early childhood expert. Prior to formal schooling, some simple activities for toddlers burgeon great foundation skills in children.

Read on for some stirring, delightful, and informational activity ideas for your kids this summer. There is something for everyone, I promise!

Best Summer Fun Ideas

We’ve split up this boredom breaker list into:

  • Outdoor Summer Activities
  • Indoor Summer Activities
  • Group Games
  • Summer Science Experiments
  1. Outdoor Summer Activities

Build memories with your kids in the backyard or a park nearby – make most of this eternal bond – boost your kid’s interaction and friendliness with other kids out there! Pair this summertime fun with regular physical activity; and cherish improved thinking, and memory skills, energy balance, fresh minds, and healthier bodies!

Water Balloon Party

Ah! One of my personal favorites!

James Balensiefen via Unsplash

Water Balloons are certainly a standout amongst other summer exercises for youngsters. Invite neighborhood kids, arrange a family water battle, or invite your kid’s cousins/ best friends for a water playdate in your backyard. Be eco-conscious, and utilize recyclable water balls for this fun activity at home! 

Plant with your Kids

Summer is in full swing. Make most of these long sunny days and try gardening with the kids. Not only would it be engaging for them, but also mind-relaxing for you. Planting isn’t a taxing and time-consuming task if you research veggies, plants, and flowers that are comparatively easier and quicker to grow. 

All you would want are some handy gardening tools, pots, dirt patches, and the mood of getting dirty, right? 

Anna Earl via Unsplash

Kids delight each and every step of the gardening task – from planting seeds to waiting and seeing things grow out of the pots and sand. This fun family activity at home would not only pacify your summer boredom but would induce a concept of being eco-friendly. 

  1. Indoor Summer Activities

Some summer days can be extremely hot for outdoors. Or you may be a work-from-home mommy and are short of time. You can plan fab indoor activities and those do not necessarily have to be super expensive. From scavenger hunts to being a little crafty to trying some easy-peasy recipes – you can do a fantastic job to engage your little bunnies.

Open Mic Night/ Dance Party

Free from playing outdoor physical games – evening time and can’t visit the park nearby? Not a problem, trust me! Bring in your speakers, choose a playlist, shoot the music, and hit it, guys. Shake your bodies. It can be a fun idea for friend to come over too.

Instead of playing the music, you can arrange your kids an open mic night where they can go loud – try not to disturb your neighbors please, or be smart, and invite them over – and savor their favorite Justin Bieber songs!

Make Ice Cream

Making homemade ice cream, baking cookies, trying new desserts are always some of some really fun things to do in the summer at home. Going creative is a great recreation. Moreover, it’s a golden time where parents could share a healthy conversation with kids. Be it regarding a TV show they are loving lately, a lovable YouTube poem, or the kid’s school and friend’s stories.

Mathilde Langevin via Unsplash

  1. Group Games

From stay-at-home kid’s activities to outdoor sports, the following are some brilliant ideas for busying your children and arraying for them a fun time with their friends.

Group Jump Rope

A super entertaining sport. Kids make teams, while two participants hold either side of a long skipping rope  – rest try to skip the rope at the same time. A bit tricky at the start, but since kids are speedy learners, they make the most out of this activity.

Two realistic benefits for practical moms out there: superb physical activity and teamwork. 

Puzzle Time

A fun group activity. It can also be made a fine learning experience if you purchase and hand over counting, alphabets, animals puzzles to them. 

Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash


Best game for improving spelling and vocabulary. Moreover, it teaches kids organizing and planning with the passage of time. Boosts concentration and strategical mindset – a child plans which alphabets he has got and how he would be using them to stay longer in the game.

Above all, it makes the group happy. Whether it’s played with friends or family, exchange of laughter and excitement as the game proceeds – brings about a healthy mood and increases trust and friendliness among players!

  1. Summer Science Experiments

Get rid of summer boredom and educate your kids with science fun. Make them explore heat, physics, earth sciences with these uber simple home-friendly summer science experiments.

Sand Volcano

Things we need: reusable water bottle, baking soda, red food color, whipping cream, play sand, vinegar

Baking soda, food color, cream rest in a water bottle. Which is then covered with wet sand. After it’s all set up, vinegar is added to the top of the water bottle and there you get goopy lava!

Homemade Bubbles

Too many memories with this one, yes mommies?

Things we need: water, corn syrup, dish soap

Warm up the water, dissolve corn syrup. Add dish soap later. After some time, solution gets smooth and now it’s ready to use.

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