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Stuck In Society Wraps Episode One in Los Angeles.

“Stuck in Society” The upcoming TV series directed by Keishawn Blackstone ( Crossed ) wrapped shooting of its pilot episode, Cracking the Egg this month. The series cast includes Kyle Lindsay, Josh Lyles, Jamir McClinton, ), Shiah Luna ( The Chimera Effect )  Quran Hall, Erika Bowman ( Euphoria  and James Pratt ( Malibu Crush ). It follows the story of Isaiah and Michael as they confront their past and try to overcome generational curses issues instilled from their parents against the backdrop of Los Angeles.

The pilot was shot primarily in south Los Angeles with cinematographer Ryan Joseph in charge of the gritty and cinematic look.

Director Keishawn Blackstone who is most well-known for directing “Crossed,” One of Tom Listers last films, said the feel of the series is intentionally emotionally charged and targeted at men’s mental health. “Stuck in Society specifically shows how to heal and overcome from adversities and traumas, we wanted to show off a safe space for the discussion of mental health for young men. The performances by the cast really bring depth and authenticity to the characters, which makes them relatable and engaging.

“Stuck in Society” deals with themes of adversity, trauma, and healing, as Isaiah and Michael confront the challenges of their past and strive to create a better future. It is a spin off series from Tak3-One Productions original TV series, Born Again.



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