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Storage is a crucial part of any home. Here are some of the best budget-friendly ideas for storing crucial items.

7 budget-friendly storage ideas for your home

If you’re living in a hostel or small apartment, you will agree with me that stacking household items can be a little bit frustrating especially if you are coming from a place you had unlimited space.

Storage is a good means of making more space available for a set of items. So, a few DIY magic and combining a few house items can give you more storage space. Here are some budget-friendly storage ideas that work great for small spaces.

Storage bench

Having enough space in your small apartment to put all your household items intact can be a bit difficult. Not to mention having outdoor events at your convenience.

Well, the story would be different if you would adopt the plastic outdoor storage bench that allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in your own space. You can even invite your loved ones and have an amazing time. And the interesting part is, you get to store as many household items as you want to in it too.


Whenever you wish to create space anywhere within your house, use a basket. They come in different sizes and work as storage units. They can be either hung on the wall or stacked on the shelves.

Hanging them sideways and affixing them to the wall works perfectly with a low budget. You can use them for storing towels in the bathroom or use them in the kid’s room as a bookshelf. And painting could make it decorating for your room. By using them around your home, you would have created space and also organized your house.

Wipes containers

Every mother knows that there are usually many wipes containers around the house when there’s a baby. These containers are always handy within a neighborhood and can be used to store various things like pens, spoons, crafting tools, etc. 

It can also be used in the children’s room to arrange their small toys or stationery. It is simply cleaned by nursing a fabric or crafting a paper and allowing your kids to decorate it to what they love.

Wipes Containers could also serve as garage organizers. You can label each of them and separate screwdrivers, nails, etc. They serve as the perfect place for those sockets that seem to appear everywhere.

Extra spaces above

We all have that upper part of the wall in our home where we always overlook. Most people completely ignore these areas in the house because they feel it is hard to reach as it may require the use of a tool or chair. 

This is however one of the perfect spaces that can accommodate your household items without touching your living space. The space above the kitchen cabinet can also serve as a place for items you use occasionally such as holiday ornaments or seasonal tablecloths.

You can as well hang metallic baskets in these high places and use them for items such as photos or books or other things. 

Hideaway combos

More ideas for storing items in small spaces on a low budget are using hideaway combos. These combos can be used for different purposes, coffee cabinets, bed table combos, 

Table-bed combos for small spaces on a budget are beautiful for spaces that have a half-dividing wall. With a foldaway cot and a folding table, this space can easily become your hideaway space. Opening a section of the dividing part will allow you to attach the cot mattress and folding legs inside to close flush and fold out into a bed when opened.

In the outer portion, ensure you connect one side of your table to a hinge flush against a wall. When you are not using the table, you can always fold it down — giving you functionality and space at the same time.


Pallets are items that are just waiting to be put to good use. These wooden gems get piled out of the way by many stores after receiving shipments. They are left taking up space, so when you see them behind a store ask, they may give you a few or let you buy them at very cheap rates. 

Wooden pallets serve as a multi-purpose storage facility that goes with all budgets, and the beautiful part is that you can set it up yourself. Simply cut the pallets into two halves, use them and create shelves. You can make shelves for your home. Alternatively, you can add a few coats of spray paint, and you have a great accent piece.

You can affix these shelves in patterns and put them up your wall to make a unique place to store books that are piled on tables and in corners. Using the double sides of a pallet, you can turn the boards on one side into shelves that connect to the backboards. Standing upright, you can attach gliders to the bottom.

Painting the pallet, the color of your kitchen wall, and filling it with spices and cans or jars will give you a great hideaway pantry.

Bunk bed space savers

Bunk beds are not as expensive as they once were. With their popularity waning they have become very affordable. People convert the olden two-bed bunk beds into two to use the upper one as a sleeping space and the lower part as a desk, with this, there is enough space and you can get comfortable with the unused area.

This bed and desk combo can be a great idea for dorm rooms or converting a child’s small bedroom into a space fit for a teenager. You can customize for bookshelves or whatever features your child needs. Not only making more space but space that is uniquely theirs.


If you have a small space and you don’t know how to maximize it for your storage, there are ways you can go about it. With the simple and affordable tools highlighted here, you can create just enough space for all your luggage and items right inside your small home or apartment. 

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