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Stone Mountain Park is a beautiful area to visit in Georgia. Take a look at all the different activities you can do when visiting Stone Mountain Park.

Stone Mountain Park: Where and Why It’s Worth a Visit

When it comes to family-friendly fun, nothing beats the wonders of Georgia. The southern state is full of folksy charm and beauty. Stone Mountain is one of the most beautiful and attractive places to visit in Georgia. Millions of people visit this natural yet highly-facilitated tourist attraction. Some of them even call it the 8th wonder of the world. 

Why Is Stone Mountain So Popular? 

There is a reason behind this immensely growing popularity of Stone Mountain. The massive 825-foot mountain composed of granite is a magical view captivating the heart and souls of tourists. If you are visiting Atlanta, this mountain located at a 30-minute drive from the city should be on your list. 

This great granite-based mountain was under the private ownership of the Venable brothers till the year 1958. After that, the state bought it, leaving the brothers prosperous and people happy. The Stone Mountain Park was officially opened for the public in 1965, precisely 100 years after President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. 

Where Did Stone Mountain Come from? 

Most people enjoy the view and beauty of this ginormous rock. Some minds ponder upon the implications of when and how. We really don’t know where the rock came from or who put it there. Maybe it was aliens? No one knew until geologists started publishing papers on their findings. The mountain is probably 300 million years ago and was formed with the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains. 

They proposed that the summit is composed of compounds like granite and quartz, which only occur naturally as a result of magma explosion from the crust of Earth. The magma eventually cools down to create such magnificent stones. We cannot, and more importantly, we must not underestimate natural resources’ power and beauty. 

6 Reasons to Visit Stone Mountain 

Lace your Sketchers and pack your bags because your trip to Stone Mountain will last forever in your memories. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth your time and money: 

It Honors American Heroes

Stone Mountain has an incredible carving that features three of the most important American heroes of all time:

  • Jefferson Davis 
  • Robert E. Lee 
  • Stonewall Jackson

From 1909 to 1972, a number of artists collaborated and showcased their skills in carving. This piece of art is noteworthy for its exquisite detail and massive scale. Originally intended as homage to southern heritage, the artwork now symbolizes how much the American nation has covered over time. 

Every year, millions of visitors from all over the world come to see the massive artwork carved into this giant piece of granite. As Martin Luther King Jr. proclaimed this stone as a monument of southern culture and heritage – it indeed has become one of the most prominent places to visit in America. 

It Is a Great Place to Hike 

Often referred to as Atlanta’s Backyard, this park has a 15-mile trail for hiking. It might sound complicated, but there are different paths, and you can choose the one that suits your health. The course is surrounded by natural greenery and plantation. This also represents the love of nature Atlantians have despite the ever-evolving industrial trends in their city. 

You will experience fresh air and a strike of pure oxygen that kicks you in the lungs and activates your muscles compelling you to take a hike. Forget everything and start walking. If you need some support, they didn’t forget to put on the side railings for extra support. 

Keep walking, and you definitely will come back more active and indeed feeling a lot better. It does work up a sweat, in summers so make sure that you have your snacks and water with you. 

It Has Rare Plantation 

We mentioned this above, and we are going to repeat it – the people of Atlanta love nature. The entire city is bustling with eye-catching flora and fauna. Although Stone Mountain is a scenic place to visit, you must know that the rock has a granite base. For plants and trees to survive on granite is quite a miracle as most of them cannot exist. 

The plantation across Stone Mountain is very rare, and you are less likely to see these species in urban regions. For instance, Yellow Daisy was a species of your regular daisy found in 1846 at Stone Mountain. 

These rare species of flowers, trees, and other greenery make your visit worthwhile. Bring your best camera with you and take pictures of every unique plant you see. You may forget their names, but a photo will always be there to refresh your memories. 

It Covers an Eye-Captivating Skyline 

We all talk about how magical the New York skyline is or what an incredible sight it is to view LA from the top. The Stone Mountain just doesn’t get enough credit for the extraordinary Georgian landscapes it captures. On a clear day, you will be able to view as far as 45 miles of the stunning Georgian landscape. At night when the lights lit up, this summit will capture the beauty of Atlanta. 

If you plan a romantic date with the love of your life or want to totally impress your family, bring your food, bring your blankets, and find a nice spot. People even spend nights here just to experience sunrise and sunset feel like you are on top of everyone. If you want to share this breathtaking view all by yourself, do not hesitate. It’s all yours!

You Meet All Kinds of People 

One of the best things about visiting places like Stone Mountain Park is that there are people. Not just people from Atlanta but people from all over the world. More than 4 million people visit this miracle rock every year, sharing Atlantians’ pride and joy with them. For extroverts and social butterflies, this is indeed a great place to make some new friends. 

You never know who you end up meeting. One day you are all by yourself, and suddenly, you are Facetiming your pals from Japan because you met them at Stone Mountain. By meeting more people, we understand their culture, we know how they live, who they are, and what they like. This makes us more accepting and tolerant of cultural diversity. 

It Offers an Exhilarating Cable Car Experience 

Not a fan of hiking? Honestly, you don’t have to hike. Not many people like walking, and that’s completely fine. There is something for everyone. If you have already hiked your way up or your health is coming in between, allow cable cars to take you up. These Swiss cable cars offer a high-speed ride almost 1000 feet above the ground. 

Don’t worry about missing the Stone Mountain attractions because you will be able to see all the natural beauty and plantations. Also, during the ride, you will come across the memorial carving. The ride ends at the sport, where you get to experience the beautiful skyline, so it makes this cable car worth the journey. An exhilarating experience at one of the most beautiful natural spots is all that one needs. 


Stone Mountain is one of the most popular places in the world. You need to visit this place once in a lifetime to experience beauty and fun at the same time. 

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